100 Greatest cycling climbs list

100 climbs100 greatest cycling climbs is a list of some of the hardest climbs in the UK from Constitution Hill to Kirkstone Pass and Ditchling Beacon. Over the years, I’ve sought to climb as many hills as possible. This is a list of all 200 climbs feature in 100 Greatest cycling climbs and also the sequel ‘Another 100 Climbs’ I’m aiming to do all (or at least most of the accessible climbs) and write a blog entry about each one. See also: 100climbs.co.uk

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Map of Climbs

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List of – 100 Climbs

LengthMax Gr
1.Cheddar Gorge150m5%3.5 km16%
2.Weston Hill165m9%1.8 km18%
3.Crowcombe Combe188m15%1.2 km25%
4.Porlock372m12%4.9 km25%
5.Dunkery Beacon326m10%3.2 km17%
6.Exmoor Forest406m4%11 km12%
7.Challacombe166m11%1.5 km25%
8.Dartmeet125m11%1.1 km18%
9.Haytor Vale335m6%5.4 km12%
10.Widecombe163m12%1.4 km16%
11.Rundelstone346m4%9.0 km15%
12.Salcombe Hill159m13%1.2 km20%
13.Dovers Hill145m10%1.7 km14%
14.Box Hill130m5%2.5 km6%
15.York’s Hill92m14%0.6 km20%
16.White Lane79m13%0.7 km22%
17.Leith Hill145m7%2.1 km16%
18.White Downs112m6%1.9 km20%
19.The Wall125m9%1.4 km17%
20.Toys Hill170m6%2.7 km18%
21.Steyning Bostal123m8%1.6 km17%
22.Ditchling Beacon142m10%1.4 km17%
23.Whiteleaf127m9%1.4 km16%
24.Streatley Hill120m11%1.0 km18%
25.Combe Gibbet83m10%0.8 km18%
26.Mott Street78m5%1.4 km12%
27.Swains Lane71m8%0.9 km20%
28.Michaelgate31m12%0.3 km17%
29.Terrace Hill76m8%0.9 km15%
30.Monsal Head57m12%0.5 km17%
31.Bank Road115m10%1.1 km20%
32.Riber162m9%1.8 km25%
33.Winnats Pass198m12%1.7 km20%
34.Rowsley Bar140m13%1.1 km25%
35.Curbar Edge175m10%1.8 km16%
36.Mow Cop170m11%1.5 km25%
37.Peaslows172m11%1.6 km12%
38.Jiggers Bank125m5%2.6 km10%
39.The Burway290m10%3.0 km20%
40.Shibden Wall133m15%0.9 km25%
41.Pea Royd Lane145m12%1.1 km20%
42.Jackson Bridge161m10%1.5 km20%
43.Holme Moss204m9%2.2 km12%
44.Halifax Lane 185m11%1.6 km20%
45.Park Rash238m10%2.1 km25%
46.Oxnop Scar243m6%3.8 km25%
47.Malham Cove199m6%3.4 km20%
48.Langcliffe Scar170m10%2.3 km20%
49.Buttertubs223m9%3.6 km25%
50.Fleet Moss 323m6%5.3 km20%
51.Tan Hill206m2%9.9 km12%
52.Greenhow Hill282m10%4.0 km18%
53.Norwood Edge169m11%1.9 km18%
54.Boltby Bank162m13%1.3 km20%
55.Rosedale Chimney179m14%1.4 km33%
56.White Horse Bank175m10%1.6 km25%
57.The Stang241m7%3.8 km17%
58.Carlton Bank202m10%2.0 km30%
59.Crawleyside274m4%6.2 km20%
60.Peth Bank141m8%1.8 km20%
61.Winter’s Gibbet153m4%3.7 km10%
62.Chapel Fell 323m8%4.1 km16%
63,Mennock Pass318m3%9.9 km10%
64.Cairn O’ Mount313m10%3.3 km14%
65.The Cairnwell323m4%8.5 km12%
66.The Lecht245m8%3.0 km20%
67.Cairn Gorm300m5%5.4 km10%
68.Rest + be Thankful253m6%4.4 km16%
69.Bealach-Na-Ba 623m7%8.9 km20%
70.Cat and Fiddle381m3%11.2 km5%
71.Swiss Hill69m13%0.5 km17%
72.The Rake101m12%0.95 km23%
73.Garsdale Head222m6%3.6 km20%
74.Nick O’ Pendle145m11%1.3 km14%
75.Trough of Bowland144m6%2.2 km16%
76.Jubilee Tower230m6%4.1 km16%
77.Hartside Fell396m5%7.6 km7%
78.Lamps Moss302m8%4.0 km17%
79.Cross of Greet182m6%2.9 km13%
80.Honister Pass239m7%3.7 km25%
81.Newlands House205m11%1.9 km25%
82.Whinlatter Pass231m7%3.3 km15%
83.Kirkstone Pass292m6%5.3 km16%
84.Hardknott Pass298m13%2.2 km33%
85.Wrynose Pass278m11%2.5 km25%
86.The Shelf262m5%5.1 km12%
87.Moel Arthur220m10%2.2 km20%
88.Penbarras258m11%2.3 km25%
89.The Road to Hell353m3%11 km20%
90.Horseshoe Pass317m7%6.1 km20%
91.Bwlch Y Groes385m11%3.5 km25%
92.Ffordd Penllech61m20%0.3 km40%
93.Devil’s Staircase151m12%1.3 km25%
94.Llangynidr Mt397m7%5.6 km14%
95.Black Mountain378m5%7.1 km8%
96.Bryn Du270m5%5.5 km22%
97.The Tumble399m8%5.1 km16%
98.Rhigos268m4%6.2 km7%
99.The Bwlch340m6%5.8 km22%
100.Constitution Hill59m20%0.3 km22%
Total climbing: 21,293m over 322.75km. Average gradient: 6.5%

Another 100 Greatest Cycling hills


Another 100 climbs include:

  • Longest Hill Climb Cragg Vale – The longest continuous ascent in England – 9.1 km. Height gain 286m
  • Steepest Hill Climb – Vale Street in Bristol. Short residential street.
  • Hardest Hill Climb – Great Dun Fell – A radar station in Knock Cumbria. Height gain 638 Metres. Length 7.4Km

Another 100 hill climbs list

LengthAv. gradeMax
101.Gold Hill24m0.2 km16%21%
102.Zig Zag Hill93m2.0 km4%6%
103Park Hill127 m1.7 km7%10%
104.Frocester Hill203m2.1 km9%11%
105.Bushcombe Lane167m1.5 km12%25%
106.Haresfield Beacon200m2.2 km9%18%
107.Symonds Yat116m1.7 km7%20%
108.Shaft Road106m0.8 km9%18%
109.Vale Street17m0.2km25%33%
110Countisbury Hill284m3.1 km9%20%
111Millook100m1.0 km10%30%
112Clovelly80m0.5 km17%30%
113Bishop’s Wood47m0.3 km14%28%
114Talland Hill99m1.0 km10%20%
115Ashdown Forest174m7.5 km2%12%
116Combe Ln108m1.8 km6%18%
117Chalkpit Lane140m1.6 km9%20%
118Coldharbour Ln145m3.3 km4%18%
119Quell Lane88m1.1 km8%22%
120Barhatch Lane156m2.5 km6%23%
121Dragon Hill Rd95m1.0 km9%17%
122Kingston Hill99m1.2 km9%17%
123Down Lane98m1.4 km7%25%
124Watson’s Hill32m0.6 km6%11%
125Beacon Hill68m1.2 km5%
126Mam Tor205m2.1 km10%18%
127Beeley Moor225m3.9 km6%10%
128Burbage Moor263m3.7 km7%
129Slack Hill129m1.4 km9%
130Axe Edge162m3.8 km4%10%
131Larkstone Lane135m1.9 km7%
132Gun Hill151m2.4 km6%
133The Wrekin102m1.6 km6%
134Asterton Bank163m1.0 km17%
135Clee Hill185m3.3 km5%15%
136Edge Hill105m1.1 km9.5%
137Ewdin Bank107m1.0 km11%
138Cragg Vale298m8.3 km3%7%
139Mytholm Steeps225m3.3 km6.7%25%
140Thwaites Brow125m1.2 km10%20%
141Hainworth Lane147m1.5 km10%20%
142Turf Moor190m3.3 km6%17%
143Bowland Knotts299m7.3 km4%10%
144Greets Moss282m4.2 km7%12%
145Trapping Hill259m3.2 km8%19%
146Nought Bank Rd207m2.3 km9%18%
147Sleights Moor250m3.3 km7.5%
148Blakey Bank232m1.8 km13%20%
149Caper Hill188m1.4 km13%25%
150Egton High Moor279m6.7 km4%14%
151Hanging Grimston150m1.6 km9%16%
152Yad Moss312m15.7 km2%
153Cuthbert’s Hill160m2.7 km6%
154Peat Hill259m3.6 km7%
155Unthank Bank195m2.9 km7%
156High Knowes194m3.8 km5%
157Cragpit hill198m5.3 km4%
158Ryal’s Hill112m2.8 km4%
159Silverhills115m2.3 km5%
160Devil’s Beef Tub310m10.0 km3%
161Crow Road237m3.8 km6%
162Duke’s Pass225m4.0 km5.6%
163Bealach Main299m3.7 km8%
164Glen Finart145m2.4 km6%
165Glen Quaich248m2.7 km9%
166Bealach Feith331m4.6 km7.2%
167Ben Lawers348m7.1 km5%
168Glen Coe304m13.6 km2%
169Bealach Ratagan334m4.5 km7%
170Quiraing217m3.8 km6%
171Pym Chiar157m1.5 km10%
172Knott Hill Lane133m1.8 km7%
173Chew Road250m2.6 km9.6%
174Crown Point147m3.0 km5%
175Whalley Nab122m1.3 km9%
176Newton Fell223m3.6 km6%
177White Shaw Moss221m2.2 km10%
178Bank House Moor223m2.2 km10%
179Kiln Bank Cross177m1.8 km10%
180Burn Edge167m3.8 km4.4%
181The Struggle396m4.8 km8%24%
182Blea Tarn127m1.2 km11%
183Shot Moss264m6.1 km4%
184Dowgang Hush160m1.4 km11%
185Killhope Cross266m5.2 km5%
186Great Dun Fell635 m7.4 km8%20%
187Long Mountain277m2.9 km9%
188Melin Y Wig100m1.3 km8%
189Llanberis Pass247m4.9 km5%
190Prenteg171m1.4 km12%
191Hirnant Pass153m1.8 km8%
192Dyfi Forest215m5.0 km4%
193Heol Senni188m1.8 km10%
194Gospel Pass280m4.5 km6%
195Gamallt67m0.9 km7%25%
196Caerphilly Mt135m1.4 km10%
197Rhiwr Road208m1.7 km6%
198Bungalow283m4.5 km6%
199Injerbreck Hill305m5.4 km6%
200Snaefell Mt418m12.5 km3%

Other memorable climbs in UK

  • Kidstones Pass – North Yorkshire. Buckden to Aysgarth, used in le Tour
  • Robin Hood Climb – Silsden , Yorkshire – 0.8 miles, 10% average – 23% max.
  • Snake Pass – Glossop, – 3.3 miles, 328m – 6% average.
  • Long Hill, – Whaley Bridge, Buxton – 4.4 miles 195m height gain – 3% – Used in 2011 National HC.
  • West close hill – Weston sub Mendips – 1.2 miles, 168m height gain – 9% average gradient. Used in 2000 National HC
  • Saintbury – Gloucestershire – 1.2 miles, 9% average. Used in 1951 and 1960 national hill climb.
  • Cow and Calf, Ilkley, West Yorks – 1.1 miles, 9% average
  • Kop Hill – Princes Risborough – 1.1 miles, 9% average
  • Chinnor Hill – Chilterns – 1.1 miles, 9% average
  • Trooper Lane – Halifax – 1 mile – 12% average – cobbled max 25% – one of hardest hills.
  • Grinton Moor – Reeth, North Yorks. 1.9 miles, 7%
  • Burrington Combe – near Bristol 2.2 miles 6%
  • Old Shoe out of Llangolen – 1 mile at 12.5% near Horseshoe Pass, North Wales. Venue of 2022 National Hill CLimb

Steepest Hills in Britain / UK

  • Ffordd Penllech, Harlech, Gwynedd Wales – 40% on steepest part of hairpin!
  • Rosedale Chimney, North York Moors – 33% (1 in 3)
  • Constitution Hill, Wales – 30%
  • Hardknott Pass, Lake District – up to 30%
  • Trooper Lane

Some other 25% Climbs

  • The Rake, Ramsbottom – 25%
  • Honister Pass – 25%
  • Shibden Wall, Halifax – 25%
  • Buttertubs, Yorks – 25%
  • Mow Cop – 25%
  • Porlock Hill, Somerset – 25%

Longest continual ascent in England

Cragg Vale claims to be the longest continual ascent in England. It is certainly the longest hill climb of constant uphill. However, there is actually a slightly longer continual ascent from Henley to Pishill of 7.2 miles in the Chilterns. Perhaps, even longer if you go from Henley to Pishill and turn right towards Christmas Common (via different roads). However, at the bottom, it barely feels like a hill, with a gradient of around 0.5%- 1%. But, on a technicality of continual uphill, Pishill could claim the crown. 100 climbs of the Tour de France

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