Chalkpit Lane

Chalkpit lane is a wonderful climb that snakes its way up to the summit, seeming to get steeper as the climb progresses. As you leave Oxted near the railway line, the climb begins with discerning gentleness, but once you cross over the M25, you get a better view of the steep challenge to come. The gradient gets progressively steeper as you take a long right-hander before finishing on top of the Oxted Downs.

Chalkpit-lane – 20% sign is a slight exaggeration.

The areas has a lot of interest, the climb passes over the Pilgrim’s Way, M25. On the left of the climb is a quarry works for mining chalk

Details of the climb

  • Location: Oxted, Surrey
  • Distance: 1.5 km
  • Average gradient: 8%
  • Maximum gradient: 15%
  • Height gain 127 m
  • 100 climbs: 117
  • Strava segment
  • Everesting = 8848/132 = 70 ascents – total distance 210 km.
  • Direction: North
  • KOM: 4.48 – 18.9 km/h
  • QOM: 6.16 – 14.5 km/h



Long right hander near the top.
Chalkpit lane
Chalkpit Lane near the summit.



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