The Road to Hell

  • Location:
  • Other names: B4501
  • Distance: 6.9 miles
  • Average gradient: 3%
  • Maximum gradient: 18 %
  • Height gain: 366 m
  • KOM time:
  • 100 climbs: #89
  • Strava

A climb of varying gradient and different sections, the Road to Hell goes on for nearly 7 miles. It’s not the most hellish climb in Wales, but the ‘Road to Hell’ definitely sound more intriguing than the B4501 heading south west.

There is a gentle rise as you head south west from Denbigh. The climb then gets steeper, reaching a maximum of 15% after 2 miles of climbing. After this hard section, there is quite a fast descent for a mile. But, the climb is not over because there is another 3 miles of uphill. There is no perfect engineering or smooth gradient, the climb goes upwards in a series of ramps. At 6 miles, there is a good section of flat, where you can put some power back into your legs before the final kick for the line.

Definitely a climb for a full range of gears. No easy rhythm to get into.




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