The Lecht

  • Location:Strathdon, Aberdeen, Scotland
  • Other names: A939
  • Distance: 2.6 miles
  • Average gradient: 6%
  • Maximum gradient: 20%
  • Height gain: 244 m
  • Summit height: 2105 ft / 641m
  • KOM time: 12.23 – 12.7 mph
  • 100 climbs: #66
  • Strava

The Lecht is a tough climb from Cockbridge to the ski resort of Lecht. The climb is hardest at the start with a couple of mini hairpins taking you up a steep section which is over 20% in places. After this difficult start, there is a mini descent before, the climb picks up again. It is not as steep as the start, though there are still a few steep parts. As you near the summit the worst is over because there is another mini descent before a gradual ascent to the summit.

Lecht. Photo Doik, flickr CC

The summit is over 600m high and is frequently blocked in the winter months. As you can see from photo it is also quite exposed.

lecht-winter. Photo G Capron




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