Bowland Knotts

  • Location:
  • Other names:
  • Distance: 4.6 miles
  • Average gradient: 4%
  • Maximum gradient: 11%
  • Height gain: 294m
  • KOM time: 16:44 – 16.5mph
  • 100 climbs: #143
  • Strava

A long desolate climb in North Yorkshire heading towards the Trough of Bowland. It is not particularly steep, but it goes on for a long time – over 4.5 miles from Clapham towards the top of the moor and Trough of Bowland.


When I climbed up Bowland Knotts, I took a train to Clapham station, which is conveniently at the base of the climb. It was exposed and a strong cross wind made the going tough. It is a very quiet road, with hardly any cars during the long climb (and much quicker descent).

Top of Bowland Knotts

For the first mile and half, it is a very gentle introduction, with frequent false flats, but at half way, it gets more serious and you feel like you are climbing a more focused climb. At three miles, there is another section of flat, which gives some last respite before the final section towards the summit. On a clear day, there are great views of the surrounding fells. I climbed on a damp April day, but there was just a few hints of sun hitting the far away fells.

View from Bowland Knotts



Bowland Knotts from the South

Heading from Slaidburn, Bowland Knotts is a shorter climb, but steeper. From north of Stocks reservoir, there is a climb of 1.7 miles, averaging 7%. Bowland Knotts from south (Strava)



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