Swain’s Lane

Swain’s Lane

A short steep climb in Central London. Swain’s lane has also featured in the Rollapaluza Urban Hill climb. A quick ascent of Swain’s Lane might be done in 1.30.


Photo: SarfLondon



Everesting Swain’s Lane

A short film from Wodehouse and Gorilla Face documenting Mat Ilic’s attempt to ‘Everest’ Swain’s Lane in North London.

Everesting Swain’s ‘The Ascent’ from Wodehouse Films on Vimeo.

1 thought on “Swain’s Lane”

  1. Well done because it is hard especially with a steep gradient.
    But, all that effort without actually claiming the hill? I would find no satisfaction in saying, ‘ at least I beat the other guy’s time’. Champagne, for that! There are so many hills near London it takes less than a minute to think of at least ten worthy of the challenge!


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