One of the greatest climbs in Britain. Bealach-Na-Ba really takes the breath away and offers a great cycling challenge. Starting from near sea-level it rises 626m in 9.1km of uphill – reaching 20% at its steepest gradient. If you wanted to do an ‘everesting’ challenge, it would only take 14.1 times to climb the 8,848m.

Just looking at the photos makes you want to go and visit. One of the most beautiful climbs in Britain – if not one of the hardest.

Bealach-Na-Ba by Simon Li


  • Location: Bealach-Na-Ba, N.W. Scotland
  • Distance: 9.1 km
  • Average gradient: 7%
  • Maximum gradient: 20%
  • Height gain. 626m
  • 100 climbs: #69
  • Bealach-Na-Ba, Strava
  • Everesting? – 14.1 * 18.2 km = 256 km

The only downside of the climb it is that it is not so accessible. However, with quiet roads and stunning scenery, there is a great reason to go visit and climb.

Photo Simon Li

Bealach na Bà is located in Applecross peninsula, in Wester Ross in the Scottish Highlands.

Bealach na Bà sportives

Bealach na Bà features in the 70 km Bealach Beag event in May, and the 144 km Bealach Mór in September.



Photos of climb

Bealach-Na-Ba – Photo Simon Li


Photo Alan
Photo Alan Lidgley
Photo Simon Li


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5 thoughts on “Bealach-Na-Ba”

  1. It is a bit of a grind,especially when camper vans are coming down. Did it with a hybrid complete with mirror- very useful for spotting wide, speedy cars! Great views which the false top can’t take away from

  2. Did this in against a wet headwind in May 2022 on a Ridgeback tourer with 4 fully loaded panniers, bar bag, tent and pots and pans.
    Fantastic respect from motorists coming from behind and ahead who despite our slow progress were happy to wait and pass safely.

  3. Yes I did it two years ago and got the same from motorists. Even had a transit wait at the top by the switch-backs and then applauded me as I went by. Amazing !!

  4. Did it today on the wrong bike, a 160mm travel enduro bike, but it’s all I had space for in the van for this holiday. Steady slog which gets increasingly hard as you go up. Busy with cars today but everyone was respectful and either waited patiently behind until the passing points or gave me a wide berth. The way down was fun. Maxed out at 49mph which is not bad for 2.5 inch Maxx grip tyres but you will have to slow down or stop for cars waiting at passing points. A jolly good trip up and down a big hill.


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