Lamps Moss

  • Location: Nateby / Kirkby Stephen, North Yorkshire
  • Other names: B6270
  • Distance: 2.3 miles
  • Average gradient: 8%
  • Maximum gradient: 16 %
  • Height gain: 310 m
  • KOM time: 12.26 – 11.5 mph
  • 100 climbs: #78
  • Strava

Lamps Moss is a long difficult climb from Nateby towards Keld and Swaledale. There is a 20% warning sign at the bottom, but in truth, it is not a particularly steep climb and only gets near 20% for a short time.

The bottom of Lamps Moss


From the village of Nateby, it averages a fairly steady 8% for most of the climb.


Near the top, the climb plateaus, before the last steep (17%) section to the top. Although not too long, this steep section comes at the end of a long, difficult climb. Like many climbs in this part of the world, it is quite exposed moorland and you can feel yourself either helped by a tailwind or fighting a strong headwind.

Top of lamps-moss

I rode in 2016, after coming from Clapham up to Dent and over Garsdale Head. It is a great road from Garsdale to Kirby Stephen, although a B road, it is as quiet as most minor roads. The climb was good, probably because I had a tailwind. There was also an excellent descent into Keld

At the bottom of the descent towards Ked.

Next climbs

  • On reaching Keld, it is a few miles to the foot of Buttertubs, which takes you over to Hawes.
  • Alternatively you can cycle along Swaledale to go over Oxnop Scar. It is also close to Tan Hill.




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