Talland Hill

A very steep climb right from the bottom. You are soon hitting a gradient of 25% as you pass houses angled into the steep road. There is no let up and you will be out of the saddle nearly all the way to the top. Only right near the finish does the gradient ease up but by then the muscles will still be burning from the intense effort. It’s worth spending some time in Polperro as it is a very nice village. Talland hill is very attractive but you won’t have time to appreciate whilst cycling up (or breaking hard and coming down)

Talland Hill from the bottom

Talland hill
Photo: John Leah

At the bottom there is a no entry sign – intended for motor vehicles, but you can cycle straight up the narrow road through the heart of the Cornish town of Polperro. Near the summit there are dramatic views of the English channel.

Details of the climb

  • Location: Polperro, Cornwall,
  • Distance: 0.9 km
  • Average gradient: 12.1%
  • Maximum gradient: 25%
  • Height gain 109 m
  • 100 climbs: 114
  • Strava segment
  • Everesting = 8848/132 = 67 ascents – total distance 121 km.
  • Direction: northeast
  • KOM: 3.43 – 15.2 km/h
  • QOM: 6.15 – 9.1 km/h

Talland hill from the top

Talland Hill. Photo Roger Marks




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