Robin Hood climb


Cote du Langbar
Cote du Langbar

There’s no shortage of climbs in West Yorkshire. In fact the hardest task is finding a route for a quiet, easy recovery ride. Quite often, my recovery ride ends up going up Langbar (between Ilkley and Bolton Abbey). I’m weaving all other the road trying to avoid going over 200 watts, whilst seated down. I’m sure there are easier ways to do a recovery ride. But, I’d rather be going over Langbar and looking at the magnificent scenery than plodding along a flat and traffic filled A-Road.

I heard a rumour from a friend of a friend there may be a national hill climb championship in Ilkley one day which might use Langbar as the hill.  Though for point of comparison, you can’t do a recovery ride on Park Rash or Rosedale Chimney.

Robin Hood Climb

If you go over the moors from Ilkley towards Silsden, there are innumerable really steep hills. Silsden is a bit of a mecca for really hard, but quiet hills with little traffic on. It’s not quite in the league of Hebden Bridge. But, it’s not too far off.


20% hairpin.

silsden-2This is a climb out of Silsden (known as Robin Hood Climb). It’s a steep 0.5 mile climb, averaging 12%, with a maximum of 20% round the bend. It is fine for a few hill climb intervals. You can even get a running start because there’s a downhill which leads on to the bottom of the climb – to give a few free mph for the first 100m.silsden

Silsden in the distance.

Project Rainbow

I’m currently reading Project Rainbow by Rod Illingworth – which is giving me panic attacks that I haven’t done a proper days training in my life. Those guys really did train hard by all accounts. It is an interesting insight into the long process which went into preparations for Cavendish’s World Race title in 2011. I may do a longer review soon.

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  1. I did this climb when I was a youth to give me an insight to see what I could do as a cyclist
    and at the top my legs where like jelly
    I had a number of dizzy moments up the hill but never gave up
    just recently I made the trip back to it and as before
    the hill made me want to go home and never do it again
    and after a few failed attempts to reach the top without putting a foot down I made it and made the top
    I felt sick but some how felt good in doing it again and making the top with out footing it
    I can’t do it at the moment because I have done something to my back and I keep getting pains out of it but I will return to beat the hill again
    cyclist’s never say die !


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