100 climbs of the Tour de France

100 climbs of the Tour de France

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100 climbs of the Tour de France is the 4th book in the popular series of books by Simon Warren. This book includes 100 climbs which have featured in the Tour de France, including famous climbs of the Alps and Pyrenees, such as Alpe d’Huez and the Col du Tormalet.


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100 climbs of the Tour de France

1.Port de LarrauPyrenees1090m7.3%14.5 km11%
2.Col du SoudetPyrenees1090m7.3%14.5 km11%
3.Col de Marie-BlanquePyrenees715m7.7%9.5 km11%
4.Col d’AubisquePyrenees1190m7.2%16.6 km10%
5.Col du SoulorPyrenees1019m5.2%19.5 km10%
6.HautacamPyrenees1170m7.5%15.5 km10%
7.Luz ArdidenPyrenees1036m10%13.1 km10%
8.Col du TourmaletPyrenees1404m7.4%19 km10%
9.Col d’AspinPyrenees779m6.5%12 km9%
10.Pla d’AdetPyrenees861m8.3%10.4 km13%
11.Col d’AzetPyrenees346m4%9.0 km15%
12.Col de PeyresourdePyrenees940m6.1%15.3 km10%
13.Port de BalesPyrenees145m6.3%18.9 km11%
14.SuperbagberesPyrenees1160m6.8%17.1 km10%
15.Col du PortillonPyrenees521m6.6%7.9 km10%
16.Col de MentePyrenees849m9.1%9.3 km11%
17.Col des AresPyrenees330m3.9%8.4 km8%
18.Col de Portet d’AspetPyrenees594m4.3%13.8 km13%
19.Col de la CorePyrenees845m5.3%16 km8%
20.Guzet-NeigePyrenees820m7.3%11.2 km9%
21.Col de LatrapePyrenees368m7.4%5 km10%
22.Col d’AgnesPyrenees826m8.1%10.2 km10%
23.Port de LersPyrenees807m7%11.5 km11%
24.Mur de PeguerePyrenees418m12%3.5 km14%
25.Col de PortPyrenees601m4.8%12.4 km7%
26.Plateau du BeillePyrenees1255m7.9%15.8 km11%
27.Ax 3 DomainesPyrenees670m8.6%7.8 km12%
28.Port de PailheresPyrenees871m8.2%10.6 km10%
29.Col d’OrdinoPyrenees691m6.9%10.0 km8%
30.Andorre Arcalis Pyrenees943m5.2%18.0 km9%
31.Col de VendeixM. Central284m6.6%4.3 km7%
32.Col de la Croix St-Roubert M. Central381m6%6.3 km10%
33.Col de la Croix MorandM. Central511m4.9%10.5 km8%
34.Super-BesseM. Central285m4%7.2 km25%
35.Col des PradeauxM. Central659m4.9%13.5 km6%
36.Col de la Croix de l’Homme MortM. Central742m4.9%15.2 km7%
37.Col de la RepubliqueM. Central644m3.8%17 km3.8%
38.Col de la Croix de ChaubouretM. Central611m3.8%16 km7%
39.Col de l’OEillonM. Central1233m5.4%20.0 km8%
40.Col d’EntremontM. Central295m4.2%7.0 km7%
41.Col de Prat de BoucM. Central477m5.6%8.5 km7%
42.Pas de PeyrolM. Central436m8.1%5.4 km13%
43.Cote de la Croix-NeuveM. Central309m10%3.1 km15%
44.Col du DononM. Central415m4.4%9.5 km8%
45.Col du CalvaireM. Central754m4%18.8 km25%
46.Collet du LingeM. Central565m5.9%9.5 km8%
47.Col de la SchluchtM. Central759m4.2%18 km12%
48.Col du FirstplanM. Central450m5.4%8.3 km8%
49.Col du PlatzerwaselM. Central703m7%10.0 km10%
50.Grand BallonM. Central974m6.2%15.6 km9%
51.Ballon d’AlsaceM. Central627m6.0%9.1 km8%
52.Ballon de ServanceM. Central737m4%18.2 km9%
53.Planche des Belles Filles M. Central488m8.3%5.9 km14%
54.Cote des RoussesJura400m4.4%8.8 km7%
55.Col de la FaucilleJura727m6.2%11.8 km8%
56.Col de la Croix de la SerraJura625m5%12.4 km8%
57.Col du BerthiandJura505m7.8%6.5 km10%
58.Col du Grand ColombierJura1237m6.9%17.8 km12%
59.Mont du ChatJura1264m9.2%13.7 km12%
60.Col du CorbierN. Alpes517m8.6%6.0 km11%
61.Avoriaz N. Alpes840m6%14.0 km11%
62.Col de Joux PlaneN. Alpes989m8.4%11.5 km11%
63,Col de la ColombiereN. Alpes1108m6.8%16.3 km10%
64.CemnozN. Alpes1160m6.6%17.4 km10%
65.Col de la Croix-FryN. Alpes842m6.6%12.8 km9%
66.Col des AravisN. Alpes538m5.3%10.1 km9%
67.Col des SaisiesAlpes950m6.4%14.9 km11%
68.Cormet-de-RoselandAlpes1154m5.9%19.5 km9%
69.Col du Petit-Saint-BernardAlpes1373m4.4%31 km6%
70.Col de TamieAlpes565m5.9%9.6 km11%
71.Col du Grand CucheronAlpes805m7%11.6 km13%
72.Col du GranierAlpes864m5.6%15.5km8%
73.Col du CucheronAlpes499m5.9%8.5 km9%
74.Col de PorteAlpes521m6.3%8.3 km9%
75.Col de la MadeleineAlpes1520m7.9%19.2 km13%
76.CourchevelAlpes1420m6.5%21.7 km10%
77.La PlagneAlpes1419m6.6%21.4 km10%
78.Col de l’IseranAlpes977m8%4.0 km17%
79.Col du Mont-CenisAlpes682m7%9.8 km11%
80.La ToussuireAlpes1082m7.2%15.1 km9%
81.Col du GlandonAlpes1475m6.9%21.5 km11%
82.Col de la Croix de FerAlpes1343m4.9%27.5 km11%
83.Alpe d’HuezAlpes1150m8.7%13.2 km11%
84.Col d’OrnonAlpes643m5.8%11.1 km9%
85.Les Deux AlpesAlpes608m6.1%10.0 km11%
86.Col du TelegrapheAlpes878m7.4%11.8 km 10%
87.Col du GalibierAlpes220m10%2.2 km20%
88.Col du LautaretAlpes853m3.2%27 km5%
89.Col du GranonAlpes1053m8.8%11.9 km11%
90.SestrieresAlpes953m4.5%21 km9%
91.Col d’IzardAlpes1140m6%18.9 km9%
92.Col d’AgnelAlpes1360m6.6%20.7 km9%
93.Col du NoyerAlpes551m8.5%6.5 km10%
94.Col de ManseAlpes530m5.9%9 km9%
95.Col de VarsAlpes801m5.7%14 km11%
96.Pra LoupAlpes494m5.3%9.4 km10%
97.Col d’AllosAlpes1108m6.4%17.3 km8%
98.Cime de la BonetteAlpes1582m6.8%23.2 km9%
99.Col de la LombardeAlpes1447m7.1%20.3 km9%
100.Mont VentouxAlpes1639m7.6%21.4 km14%



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