Edge Hill

Edge Hill is situated north west of Banbury near the village of Radway on the B4086. It has quite a consistent gradient, averaging 10%, but with a max of only 13%. With this kind of gradient, you can get into a good routine and do most of the climb seated.

It runs up the same ridge as Sunrising hill, which is a few miles to the south on the A422 (and used in Banbury Star Hardriders climb and local road race circuit. Edge Hill is slightly quieter and not quite as steep. But, it makes a good test.

Details of the climb

  • Location: near Banbury, Warwichshire
  • Distance: 1.1 km
  • Average gradient: 10%
  • Maximum gradient: 13%
  • Height gain 107 m
  • 100 climbs: 136
  • Strava segment
  • Everesting = 8848/132 = 107 ascents – total distance 241 km.
  • Direction: South East
  • KOM: 3.00 – 22.3 km/h – VOM 2,140
  • QOM: 3.40 – 18.2 km/h




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