National Hill Climb – Junior men

Note: This is a work in progress, sometimes it is hard to find top 3 juniors from past events. But, it shows some of top UK pros were once competing in the event.


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YearHill1st2nd place3rd placeFurther links
2023The StruggleHarry Hudson
Matlock CC
Maxwell HarewardJoe Watkins-WilsonCTT
2022Old ShoeTomos Pattinson, Halesowen A&CCRyan Williams, Beeston Cycling ClubGeorge Stephen, Beeston Cycling ClubJunior men
2021Winnats PassTomos
Junior men
2020StreatleyTom WilliamsMatthew HoulbergLukas NerurkarJunior men


2019Haytor ValeChris MannJacques CoatesSam Clark
2018Pea Royd Lane Joe BakerKieran SmithJamie Crump2018
2017Hedley HillGeorge KimberThomas PrenticeAlex RaynardResults
2016Bank RoadHarvey Weinberger2016
2015Jackson BridgeKieran SavageTimothy HomeKieran Wynne-Cattanach2015
2014Pea Royd LaneHarry LuxtonJulian VarleyAdam Hartley2014
2013The StangJames KnoxJosh JardineMax Spedding2013
2012The RakeJames KnoxAshley ProctorRyan Mullen2012
2011Long HillJosh TeasdaleChris LawlessRyan Mullen2011
2010Dover’s HillChris Bains2010
2009Pea Royd Lane2009
2008Bank RoadAdam PinderDaniel ArblasterJames McLaughlin2008
2007Cheddar GorgeAdam PinderJames McLaughlinMatthew Jones2007

H.Carthy U13

J.Knox U14

2006Peak Hill, SidmouthLuke Rowe (17th)*Alex Dowsett2006
2005The RakeAdam Blythe (19th) *2005
2004Winter’s Gibbet
2003Halifax Lane
2002Cat and Fiddle
2001Y Bwlch,
2000Westclose Hill
1999The Rake
1998Dover’s Hill

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  • * means uncertain because of no categories in result, but likely winner.

Source: Own results sheets, CTT. Velo UK.

Unfortunately, some results are hard to get. CTT lost a lot of results on their website when it was upgraded to a new system. Also, on the past, there were no separate results for women/juniors published. If you are able to fill in gaps or note mistake, let us know. Thanks! Cycling Uphill Contact