2008 National Hill Climb Championship

The 2008 National Hill climb Championship took place on Bank Road, Matlock.

  • Distance: 830m
  • Average gradient of 14%.
  • Maximum Gradient of 20%.
  • Weather was good for late October. Sunny and dry. There was a full field of 150 riders.

Results 2008

NoNameClubCategoryHalfway TimeTime
1Matt ClintonMikeVaughan.co.ukSenior01:03.202:24.2
2Bill BellGemini BCSenior00:58.402:25.4
3Jim HendersonSouthport CCSenior01:06.302:26.5
4Dave GriffithsParamount RTSenior01:08.002:29.6
5Lewis CowleyPlan B RTSenior00:58.102:30.2
6David ClarkelacunaSenior01:09.302:31.0
7Charles TaylorSouth Pennine RCSenior01:10.102:31.4
8Adam PinderBlackburn & District CTC1801:12.602:34.6
9Adrian RodgersWorthing Excelsior CCSenior01:02.302:35.2
10Darren AtkinsCoventry RCSenior01:15.002:39.5
11Daniel ArblasterGuernsey Velo Club1701:11.802:40.4
12Ian StottBlackburn & District CTCSenior01:14.102:41.0
13James McLaughlinGuernsey Velo Club1801:15.002:42.1
14Tejvan PettingerSri Chinmoy Cycling TeamSenior01:10.402:42.3
15Adrian LawrenceLancashire RCSenior01:15.502:43.5
16Chris MetcalfMatlock CCSenior01:08.102:43.5
17Robert GoughJohn’s Bike RTSenior01:02.702:43.7
18James WardCambridge CCSenior01:16.502:44.8
19Robin CoomberJohns Bike’s RTSenior01:04.102:44.8
20Chris EdmondsonBlackburn & District CTCSenior01:09.002:45.0
21James DobbinArctic Premier RTSenior01:10.602:45.3
22Digby SymonsCambridge CCSenior01:18.402:45.4
23Chris StorerAshfield RC45 – 4901:09.002:45.6
24Alexander KingGWR Team1701:13.302:46.3
25Chris MyhillPeak RC40 – 4401:10.702:46.5
26Tim BayleyArctic Premier RTSenior01:24.402:47.3
27Danny AxfordArctic Premier RTSenior01:13.802:47.8
28Alistair RobinsonKeswickbikes.comSenior01:13.002:47.9
29Christopher GreenMatlock CC40 – 4401:08.002:48.5
30Ian TaylorMTS CyclesportSenior01:19.802:49.5
31Michael CumingMacclesfield Wheelers1701:02.902:49.9
32Andrew SteelSheffield Uni CCSenior01:18.002:50.3
33John WhittingtonBristol Cycling Development SquadSenior01:10.602:50.4
34Glyndwr GriffithsBristol South CCSenior01:12.802:50.4
35Gareth WilliamCheltenham & County CCSenior01:13.802:51.4
36Sam ClarkBuxton CCSenior01:14.202:51.4
37Keith FloryWrexham RCSenior01:18.202:51.4
38Simon WilsonArctic Premier RTSenior01:13.902:51.7
39Dominic MunnellyKB Cycles RTSenior01:06.502:51.9
40Iashael Burdeauwww.agiskoviner.com40 – 4401:11.502:53.0
41David WatsonCoventry RCSenior01:22.002:53.3
42Chris SharpMatlock CCSenior01:17.602:54.3
43Paul RobinsonLyme Racing Club45 – 4901:15.402:54.4
44Robert AdamsSevern RCSenior01:16.302:54.6
45David BoughtonCoventry RCSenior01:14.802:55.2
46Mark SolleyMildenhall CCSenior01:20.802:55.7
47Jack GreenWestmead Team 881601:19.802:55.8
48Neil BlessittSevern RC50 – 5401:12.802:57.1
49Jonathan KnoxKent Valley RC1501:19.102:57.6
50Tony GrassbyPeak RC40 – 4401:19.702:58.2
51Andrew GrahamBournemouth Jubilee Whs40 – 4401:17.602:58.5
53Graham PollardBob Jackson RTSenior01:14.802:59.4
54Lynn HamelTheGreenroomGroup.comSenior L01:21.202:59.6
55Steve GibsonPeak RC40 – 4401:19.302:59.9
56David McGawArctic Premier RTSenior01:22.703:00.0
57Nathan TurnbullLeigh Premier RCSenior01:22.903:00.3
58Duncan PutmanDerby Mercury RCSenior01:12.603:00.4
59Matthew WoodsStockton Wheelers1601:15.003:00.7
60Andy MarshallVS Cycles – Brighouse40 – 4401:09.803:05.4
61Simon OwensPeak RCSenior01:26.203:06.2
62Peter TaylorLeamington C & AC50 – 5401:21.503:06.4
63Rob JacksonCambridge CC40 – 4401:15.303:06.8
64John EalingRossendale RCSenior01:27.203:07.2
65Chris LevertonAlturaSenior01:17.703:07.4
66Daniel GeeAshfield RCSenior01:15.203:07.5
67Gregory McCullumNottingham Clarion CC1801:24.703:09.1
68Steven FalkCoventry RC45 – 4901:17.603:09.4
69Anton BlackieOxford University CCSenior01:22.003:09.7
70Karl ProctorMatlock CC40 – 4401:21.503:09.7
71Peter TurnerDerby Mercury RC50 – 5401:29.103:10.9
72Nathan ChamberlainRedhill CC40 – 4401:22.903:10.9
73Rob WeareTeam Midland45 – 4901:28.803:11.3
74Paul HodgkinsonMatlock CC45 – 4901:29.603:11.6
75Mark ShardlowDerby Mercury RCSenior01:21.003:12.1
76Jack ShackletonPeak Cycle Sports1701:17.303:13.5
77John StormsTri Cyclists40 – 4401:25.503:13.7
78James Furnisswww.zepnat.com RTSenior01:12.503:14.2
79Richard BirkinAshfield RC40 – 4401:17.903:14.8
80Paul MurphyTyneside Vagabonds CCSenior01:24.003:16.7
81Joshua TeasdaleStockton Wheelers1501:32.703:17.0
82Paul SmithBlackburn & District CTCSenior01:28.503:17.2
83Marc AllenSwindon RC40 – 4401:28.803:17.7
84Ian ShapiroStockport Clarion CCSenior01:31.303:17.8
85Joe CordenStone Wheelers1501:30.603:18.7
86Stewart HouseArctic Premier RT40 – 4401:28.003:19.3
87Richard CloughRochdale Tri ClubSenior01:25.503:20.9
88Rob PollenAshley Touring ClubSenior01:31.603:21.0
89James KnoxKent Valley RC1201:27.303:21.2
90Dougi HallBorder City Wheelers CC45 – 4901:26.703:21.8
91Mark CookPlanet XSenior01:12.503:22.4
92Mike HudspithGodric CC45 – 4401:25.003:22.7
93Simon GatesSolihull CC40 – 4401:32.503:23.2
94Jahan HunterAshley Touring ClubSenior01:28.803:24.5
95Claire ThomasEdinburgh RCSenior L01:25.103:25.1
96Dave PreeceWorcester St Johns CCSenior01:24.203:25.3
97Matt PlewsWelland Valley CCSenior01:22.703:26.2
98Hugh CarthyScienceinSport.com1401:35.303:27.1
99Paul BrierleyHuddersfield RC40 – 4401:34.703:27.2
100Ralph KeelerCambridge CC55 – 5901:28.703:28.5
101Xavier DisleyA3crgSenior01:45.703:30.8
102Tim SmithArctic Premier RTSenior01:25.603:31.5
103Sam HallBorder City Wheelers CC1501:32.603:33.4
104Ben KellettHolme Valley Wheelers1501:32.803:35.3
105Jamie Richardson-PaigeChippenham & District Wheelers1601:29.303:35.8
106Dave GrovesSevern RCSenior01:34.303:36.0
107Simon FosterNorth Notts Olympic RCSenior01:29.703:36.6
108Marianne BrittenVC St RaphaelSenior L01:32.303:37.0
109Callum RogersScunthorpe Poly CC1301:31.703:39.0
110Joe SmalleyAshley Touring ClubSenior01:38.903:41.7
111William HallHeanor Clarion CCSenior01:44.303:46.5
112Chris JonesBynea CCSenior0.3173611103:47.6
113Christine HowardMatlock CCSenior L01:40.903:49.6
114David LoweABC Centreville40 – 4401:41.003:51.5
115Michael IvesMI Racing65 – 6901:36.403:52.6
116Shaun WalshYeovil CC55 – 5901:30.503:53.0
117James FullerBournemouth Jubilee Whs45 – 4901:37.003:53.4
118Mark SaundersMid Devon CC45 – 4901:41.003:56.5
119Trevor PainNorth Hampshire RC40 – 4401:39.103:57.1
120Andy CosgroveTeesdale CRC45 – 4901:36.503:57.5
121Jack BeardsellHolme Valley Whs1501:48.703:59.0
122Vicky DawsonMatlock CC40 – 44 L01:39.703:59.1
123David PercivalHull Thursday RCSenior01:37.103:59.3
124Lee CairnsTeam SwiftSenior01:54.904:04.7
125Ken RobertsPreston Wheelers55 – 5901:45.104:05.8
126Denise ShackletonYorkshire VeloSenior L01:44.104:07.2
127Mark PlowrightBeeston RCSenior01:43.204:08.1
128Mike WestmorlandBorder City Wheelers CC60 – 6401:52.904:09.2
129Richard TowseBuxton CCSenior01:37.604:10.5
130Sorrelle Le CornuSwindon RCSenior L01:45.904:15.6
131Jonathan PooleAshley Touring Club45 – 4901:54.104:28.9
132Victoria WareKeswickbikes.comSenior L01:41.104:33.7
133Clare RichardsonAshley Touring ClubSenior L01:55.604:34.6
134Peter Greenhalgh45 Road Club60 – 6402:08.704:37.6
135David FrancisSid Valley CC60 – 6402:11.404:41.0
136Ann StaleyPlan B RT55 – 59 L02:05.704:49.1
137Geoff SouthworthAshley Touring Club50 – 5402:25.305:29.2
138Peter DohertySouth Pennine RC60 – 6401:53.505:34.5
139Harriet HudspithGodric CC13 L03:15.606:56.0

My blog from 2008 was very short. I think I only did a couple of races in 2008. The course was the same as 2016 National Championships.


The winner was Matt Clinton  mikevaughan.co.uk – 2008 in a winning time of 2.24.2. He just edged out Bill Bell (2.25) and five times champion Jim Henderson. The women’s champion was Lyn Hamel (Greenroomgroup.com) 2.59

matt clinton

Blog from 2008

I finished 14th in a time of 2.42.3. I was quite pleased with my time for a hill which wasn’t ideal to my liking. It was very close at the top, with just 2 seconds separating the top 3 – Bill Bell, Jim Henderson and Matt Clinton. The first women was Lynn Hamel, 2.59


There was a good crowd at the steepest part. At this point I was already a bit dizzy in the head. My arms were drained of blood like pins and needle. After the steep corner, there was another 200m of relatively shallow climb. Although it was shallow, it was hard to go much faster.

steward house

Stewart House (10) at the start. The event was well organised by Matlock CC and other local clubs. It’s great to race on closed roads.

I enjoyed the race a lot. I really felt I had raced at my limit. I will have to try and find an extra 18 seconds for next year.

National Hill Climb 2008

1Matt ClintonMikeVaughan.co.uk02:24.2
2Bill BellGemini BC02:25.4
3Jim HendersonSouthport CC02:26.5
4Dave GriffithsParamount RT02:29.6
5Lewis CowleyPlan B RT02:30.2
6David Clarkelacuna02:31.0
7Charles TaylorSouth Pennine RC02:31.4
8Adam PinderBlackburn & District CTC1802:34.6
9Adrian RodgersWorthing Excelsior CC02:35.2
10Darren AtkinsCoventry RC02:39.5
11Daniel ArblasterGuernsey Velo Club1702:40.4
12Ian StottBlackburn & District CTC02:41.0
13James McLaughlinGuernsey Velo Club1802:42.1
14Tejvan PettingerSri Chinmoy Cycling Team02:42.3
15Adrian LawrenceLancashire RC02:43.5
16Chris MetcalfMatlock CC02:43.5
17Robert GoughJohn’s Bike RT02:43.7
18James WardCambridge CC02:44.8
19Robin CoomberJohns Bike’s RT02:44.8
20Chris EdmondsonBlackburn & District CTC02:45.0


The results were published at CTT but are now a dead link and I couldn’t recover them from the internet archive. If anyone has full results, I would be interested in posting them as I can’t find them on the internet anywhere.


1.Lyn HamelThe Greenroomgroup.com2.59
2.Claire ThomasEdinburgh RC3.25
3.Marianne BrittenVC St. Raphael3.37

UK National hill climb championship

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