2009 National Hill Climb Championship

2009 Results
1Dan Fleeman (Cervelo Test Team)0:03:18
2Matt Clinton (MikeVaughan.co.uk)0:00:14
3Jim Henderson (Southport CC)0:00:22
4Michael Smith (Team Milton Keynes)0:00:22
5Adam Pinder (Blackburn & District CTC)0:00:25
6David Clarke (Pendragon Kalas RT)0:00:26
7David Griffiths (Paramount CRT)0:00:26
8Charles Taylor (South Pennine RC)0:00:28
9Robert Gough (Chippenham & District Wheelers)0:00:30
10Mike Cuming (Raleigh Avanti)0:00:30
11Chris Myhill (Peak RC)0:00:30
12Tejvan Pettinger (Sri Chinmoy Cycling Team)0:00:32
13James Dobbin (Arctic Premier RT)0:00:32
14Peter Tadros (In Gear Quickvit RT)0:00:34
15Danny Axford (Arctic Premier RT)0:00:36
16Mark Arnold (API Metrow)0:00:38
17Darren Atkins (Coventry RC)0:00:41
18Rob Watkinson (Doncaster Wheelers)0:00:43
19Laurie Brooking (Buxton CC)0:00:43
20Sam Clark (Buxton CC)0:00:46
21Adam Powe (VC Cumbria)0:00:47
22Carl Helliwell (Blackburn & District CTC)0:00:49
23James Allen (Sheffrec CC)0:00:49
24John Storms (Kingston Wheelers)0:00:50
25Lee Baldwin (Buxton CC)0:00:52
26Alistair Robinson (Endura Racing)0:00:52
27Phil Lisher (Team Welwyn)0:00:53
28James Shaw (Pembrokeshire Velo)0:00:54
29Adrian Lawrence (Lancashire RC)0:00:54
30Neil Blessitt (Severn RC)0:00:54
31Jim Cheek (In Gear Quickvit RT)0:00:56
32Ben Kellet (Holme Valley Wheelers)0:00:57
33Glyndwr Griffiths (Bristol South CC)0:00:58
34Neil Bentley (Sheffrec CC)
35Jake Tanner (Team Sportscover-Spuik-JEJames)0:00:58
36Chris Edmondson (Blackburn & District CTC)0:00:58
37Simon Warren (Norwood Paragon CC)0:00:58
38Chris Baines (Buxton CC)0:01:00
39Alexander King (Twickenham CC)0:01:01
40David Watson (Coventry RC)0:01:02
41Ian Taylor (NFM Racing Team)0:01:02
42Peter Greenwood (Clayton Velo)0:01:03
43Ian Stott (Blackburn & District CTC)0:01:04
44Christopher Green (Matlock CC)0:01:05
45Ian Kenworthy (Oldham Century RC)0:01:06
46Anton Blackie (Oxford University CC)0:01:07
47Rob Jackson (Cambridge CC)0:01:07
48Paul Smith (Huddersfield Star Wheelers)0:01:08
49Ben Lane (VC Azzuri)0:01:09
50Tom Bailey (Rutland CC)0:01:09
51Mark Turnbull (Leigh Premier RC)
52Chris Leverton (Altura RT)0:01:09
53Jack Green (VC St.Raphael)0:01:10
54Josh Teasdale (Westbrookcycles.co.uk)0:01:12
55David Thompson (Scarborough Paragon CC)0:01:13
56Kellie Sidwell (Hinckley CRC)
57Jacob Ragan (Rochdale Tri Club)0:01:15
58Mark Holt (Cambridge University CC)0:01:17
59Paul Thirling (Westbrookcycles.co.uk)0:01:17
60Stephen Robinson (Holme Valley Wheelers)0:01:18
61Carl Mustill (Ferryhill Wheelers)0:01:20
62Rob Weare (Team Midland Racing)0:01:21
63Paul Murphy (Tyneside Vagabonds CC)0:01:22
64Paul Caton (Anders Electronics TMG Horizon)0:01:22
65Owen Mitton (Huddersfield RC)0:01:23
66Paul Brierley (Huddersfield RC)0:01:24
67John Ealing (Rossendale RC)0:01:25
68James Baillie (Sheffield Sports CC)0:01:27
69Robert Gallagher (Buxton CC)0:01:27
70Marc Allen (Swindon RC)0:01:28
71David Boughton (Coventry RC)0:01:29
72Peter Hey (West Pennine RC)0:01:29
73Luke Simpson (Leeds St.Christophers)0:01:31
74Dave Preece (Worcester St.Johns CC)0:01:31
75Anna Fischer (Maxgear RT)0:01:37
76Paul Kippax (Rutland CC)0:01:38
77Lynn Hamel (Team NCA)
78Paul Targett (Pendle Forest CC)0:01:40
79Darren Gill (Birdwell Wheelers)0:01:41
80Callum Rogers (Scunthorpe Poly CC)0:01:43
81Samuel Clark (Scunthorpe RC)0:01:45
82James Atkinson (Yorkshire RC)0:01:45
83Dougi Hall (Border City Wheelers)0:01:47
84Jahan Hunter (Ashley Touring CC)0:01:47
85Arthur Green (Matlock CC)0:01:47
86Ian Shapiro (Stockport Clarion CC)0:01:48
87Andrew Ziemacki (Rotherham Wheelers)0:01:52
88Nicholas Woolley (Buxton CC)0:01:52
89Shaun Eden (Mapperley CC)0:01:53
90Lee Cairns (Sherwood Pines CC)0:01:54
91Andrew Pyatt (Janus RC)0:01:55
92Leon Gledhill (Holme Valley Wheelers)0:01:56
93David Brearley (Cottingham Coureurs)0:01:56
94Claire Cook (Paramount CRT)0:01:59
95Robert Busby (Richardsons RT)0:02:01
96Ralph Keeler (Cambridge CC)0:02:03
97Paul Lawson (Weaver Valley CC)0:02:03
98Jamie Leung (Glendene CC)0:02:04
99Andrew Edmond (Altura RT)0:02:04
100Richard Birkin (Ashfield RC)0:02:05
101John Green (Leek CC)0:02:09
102Jane Kilmartin (London Phoenix)0:02:14
103Kevin Jeffs (Coventry CC)0:02:15
104Nigel Bennett (Meanwood Wheelers)0:02:18
105Thomas Walker (Eastlands Velo)0:02:18
106Mark Sanders (Mid Devon CC)0:02:18
107Mike Westmorland (Border City Wheelers)0:02:20
108Lee Watson (Richardsons RT)0:02:21
109Trevor Pain (North Hampshire RC)0:02:24
110Hannah Walker (GS Surosa)0:02:28
111Harmonie Waterman (Holme Valley Wheelers)0:02:33
112Michael Ives (Team Endura MI Racing)0:02:42
113Dawn Sherrin (VC Azzuri)0:02:46
114David Francis (Sid Valley CC)0:02:50
115Chris Jones (Bynea RC)0:02:57
116Ken Roberts (Preston Wheelers)0:02:58
117Jonathan Poole (Ashley Touring CC)0:03:00
118Alexandra Zebedee (Speedwell BC)0:03:07
119Victoria Ware (VC Moulin)0:03:20
120Sam Mansfield (Manchester Wheelers CC)0:03:31
121Rod Goodfellow (North Lancs RC)0:03:35
122Peter Greenhalgh (45 RC)0:03:36
123Geoffrey Southworth (Ashley Touring CC)0:04:55
124Jack Mottershaw (Leicestershire RC)0:05:01


At the top of the hill – Dave Clarke left, Dan Fleeman right

It was the last race of the season at the weekend. A three – four minute climb on Pea Royd Lane, Stocksbridge. The hill was pretty steep all the way up, with a nasty turn half way up. Like all National Championships it was a good event, well organised by Thurcroft CC. The road is closed to traffic and there were quite a few spectators on the 0.65 mile hill. It’s the kind of hill that really makes you suffer by the time you get to the top.

On Last Hair Pin - Photo by Techno

On Last Hair Pin – Photo by Techno

I finished 12th,10 seconds off 3rd place but 32 seconds off the winner, Dan Fleeman. Dan rides for Cervelo, a top European road team. His time for that hill is amazing.

1  Dan Fleeman Cervelo Test Team 03:17.8
2   Matt Clinton MikeVaughan.co.uk 03:31.6
3   Jim Henderson Southport CC 03:39.4
4   Michael Smith Team Milton Keynes 03:39.9
5  Adam Pinder Blackburn & District CTC 03:43.1
6  David Clarke Pendragon Kalas RT 03:43.4
7  David Griffiths Paramount CRT 03:44.0
8  Charles Taylor South Pennine RC 03:46.0
9  Robert Gough Chippenham & District Wheelers 03:47.4
10  Mike Cuming Raleigh Avanti 03:47.5
11  Chris Myhill Peak RC 03:48.1
12  Tejvan Pettinger Sri Chinmoy Cycling Team 03:49.6

Full Results at CTT

Below is a video of event


Me warming up at the start.


A spectator, enjoying the racing.

At the top, all riders got a free bottle of water from the Co-op. At the sign on we got a free mug, so if that isn’t incentive to have a go next year, I don’t know what is.