Vittoria Corsa Evo CX – Review

One of the top end road tubs, the Vittoria Corsa Evo CX is a good all round tubular, which is a popular choice for road racing and time trials. It is my second most used tubular after Continental Competition, and has been pretty hardy so far.

vittoria-corsa-evo-cx on a Zipp 404

It has a tpi of 320. This high thread count helps offer smooth ride with low rolling resistance. The puncture resistance is helped by a PRB 2.0 puncture resistant belting. At 245 g it is not the lightest tub on the market. It’s ideal performance would be on a tough road surface. If you are riding on pancake flat tarmac, you might get away with a thinner tyre – like the Vittoria Chrono or Veloflex Record.

However, riding without support vehicle and knowing the road surfaces in UK, I generally prefer the more durable tub like Vittoria Corsa.

A rather worn Vittoria Corsa EVO

I have been riding a Vittoria Corsa Evo on and off since 2012 (I tried it mainly because I couldn’t get any Continental Competition at the time). It feels a good ride, even when pumped up to 120-140psi.

Puncture resistance

I have had two punctures on Vittoria Corsa Evo, this is over about 800 miles of racing and warming up. It’s as good as it gets whilst still retaining a race performance. I used to think Continental Competition were indestructable, but I got two punctures this week from the smallest of thorns / pinch flat. So I think it’s hard to say there is much in it between the two most popular tubs.

Putting on

I have never had any problem fitting to a range of wheels. It is quite subtle and easy to roll on to the tyre.

One note, there are three different valve options. If you have a deep rim wheel, you may want to get one of the custom Vittoria valve extensions. This is good because sometimes other adaptors are not ideal.


They wear relatively quickly. After 500 miles, I’m looking to replace or just keep as a spare for a puncture.


Very good handling. Have ridden in wet and hilly time trials, but the grip is good. I would recommend 23′ rather than smaller size of 21′.


If in doubt, you can always use what many other people and pro teams use. Vittoria claim that the Vittoria Corsa Evo is one of the most popular tubulars in the peleton. Though I’ve heard other similar claims too.


Weight: 245-255g. Similar in weight to the Continental Competition and a range of other tubulars. Definitely not one of the lightest, you could go down to 220 grams for some high end tubs. The Vittoria Chrono comes in at 180grams. The difference is the greater puncture protection of the Corsa.

Air pressure

Max Bar Ratings: 8-14. Max psi Ratings: 115/200

One thing is that the Vittoria Corsa looses air quite quickly. I’ve noticed other people make similar comments, so it’s not just me. Could be a bit of a pain for a 12 hour time trial. But, generally I pump up before a race anyway.

Rolling resistance of tubulars

According to this study, The Vittoria Corsa Evo does quite well. It is interesting that according to this test the tyre and inner tube combination do better than the tubular. However, as with all studies there is always a margin of error and it is relatively small differences we are seeing.

Deda Tre Giro d’Italia0.0038
Vittoria Open Corsa Evo CX0.0039
Michelin Pro 2 Race0.0042
Vittoria Diamante Pro Rain0.0044
Michelin Megamium 20.0047
Pariba Revolution0.0048
*Veloflex Carbon (Tubular)0.0049
Michelin Carbon0.0050
*Gommitalia Route du Nord (Tubular)0.0050
Panaracer Stradius Pro0.0051
Schwalbe Stelvio Plus0.0052
*Gommitalia Platinum (Tubular)0.0053
*Vittoria Corsa Evo CX (Tubular)0.0054
Schwalbe Stelvio Evolution Front0.0056
Continental GP Force (rear specific)0.0057
Hutchinson Fusion0.0057
Schwalbe Stelvio Evolution Rear0.0057
*Vittoria Corsa Evo KS (Tubular)0.0057
Continental Ultra GatorSkin0.0058
Ritchey Pro Race Slick WCS0.0058
Schwalbe Stelvio0.0059
*Continental Competition (Tubular)0.0059
*Veloflex Roubaix (Tubular)0.0059
*Continental Podium (Tubular)0.0060
Specialized S-Works Mondo0.0061
Continental GP 30000.0067
Hutchinson Top Speed0.0069
*Schwalbe Stelvio (Tubular)0.0069
Continental GP Attack (front specific)0.0073
*Tufo Elite Jet (Tubular)0.0073
*Schwalbe Montello 300 (Tubular)0.0075
*Tufo Hi-Composite Carbon (Tubular)0.0077

Source: Tyre rolling resistance


A good all rounder for racing. It is not cheap at around £60 – £70. But, as usual tyres and tubs is not something to skimp on. If you can afford an expensive bike, you can afford the best tubulars. The only real question is when you want to forsake the puncture protection and really go for broke with a pure time trial tyre like The Veloflex record or the Chrono variety.


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