Cycling in Surrey Hills

I last rode Box Hill in 2012, a few days before the London Olympics. It was a memorable time for British sport and cycling in particular. I’d been looking for an excuse to go back. Simon Warren’s guide of S.E. England climbs showed quite a lot of climbs around Dorking I haven’t done before. After Yorkshire hills last week I was on a roll for finding new climbs so  good weather encouraged me to drive an hour from Oxford to Mickleham to try and range of different climbs on the Surrey downs.


Box Hill

First climb of the day was Box Hill. Everyone knows Box Hill now. 2 miles @ 5% It’s a beautiful climb, it’s iconic, it’s wonderfully engineered and a delight to ride. Yet, there’s the Yorkshire Hill climber in me who sees this wonderful natural hill and thinks – wouldn’t it be better just to throw a few cobbles up this surface and make a hill that goes straight from bottom to top?


If this was West Yorkshire, they wouldn’t have bothered with these ‘European hairpins. But, made a proper hill climb.

Having said all that, I was worried by a  sign at the bottom of Box Hill – warning of loose chipping – max 20mph, but fortunately, they haven’t chucked a load of gravel on the smooth surface of Box Hill yet!


Box Hill

After Box Hill, it was over Ranmore Common and up the long climb of Coldharbour Lane from Dorking. It took quite a while to find the start of the climb because of Dorking’s one way system. But, it is a good climb, with varying degrees of steepness. It’s a long old drag to the top of Leith Hill

Coldharbour Lane


Coldharbour Lane


Coldharbour Lane

  • Distance: 2 miles
  • Average gradient: 4%
  • Height gain: 125m (132m total climbing because there is some descent near top)

From Leith Hill I made my way to Cranleigh and Barhatch Lane, which is said to be the toughest climb in Surrey. A long drag then a real sting in the tail with a 21% gradient to finish.

Barhatch Lane


Barhatch Lane

barhatch Lane

Barhatch Lane near the top

After Barhatch Lane I went to the climbs of Combe Lane and White Downs. Before a last couple ascents up Leith Hill. A climb I know well from racing in the Kingston Wheelers Hill Climb.

After racing up quite a few hills of Surrey. I took a sandwich and pedalled nice and slow one last time up Box Hill. At that time of the day, I was glad no idiot had made it into a 20% climb, but appreciated the nice steady uphill climb.

Cycling in Surrey


Cycling in Surrey was great. You do hear quite a lot of media articles about the problems of congested roads and conflict between motorists and cyclists. But, I found the roads quite quiet and apart from the odd close pass, it was all quite peaceful. But, perhaps I’m lucky to be able to ride on a weekday, rather than in the middle of a sportive on a weekend.

Box Hill is the most popular climb, and I can understand why. But, it’s popularity means it is the busiest road in terms of cars. In a way I preferred the other less well known climbs like Barhatch lane and Combe Lane. Once you get into the Surrey lanes, it really is good cycling country. Quite atmospheric riding under all the trees and leaves.

Surrey hill climb events

If you like racing up the Surrey Hills, don’t forget the Kingston Wheelers Hill Climb, late September. And also a little further East the famous Cat and Bec hill climbs. In mid October. List of hill climbs here.

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4 Responses to Cycling in Surrey Hills

  1. Isaac August 19, 2015 at 12:10 pm #

    The area around Dorking is good fun. Had a trip down there in July and planning another one for next week so glad to see this (and was sorry to miss the meeting at Lincoln last week).

    Coldharbour Lane is a killer..

  2. Simon Bromfield August 19, 2015 at 3:02 pm #

    Thanks for the article Tejvan, glad you enjoyed the Surrey Hills.There really is very little traffic once you enter the wilderness south of the’s rare to see much traffic anytime weekend or midweek on Coldharbour or even Leith Hill from the South for that matter.

  3. Paul Medcraft September 6, 2015 at 1:14 pm #

    Not sure how many of the ways up Leith are in the new book but my favourite for scenery is Broomehall Road. The Leith Hill Octopus has pretty much all of them covered:

    The Legs of Steel route has some other less well-known climbs too.


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