Winter training bike 2016-17


This will be my winter training bike for 2016/17 (assuming I can get out to ride it). It is an old hill climb bike  with a Trek Madone frame – 10 speed Dura Ace groupset. After buying the Emonda, I thought about selling this Trek, but with the growth of 11spd and electronic gears – 10 speed mechanical has devalued in price. The likely selling figure seemed a poor return, so I have kept as a winter training bike.  I also have an attachment to the bike as I used it in 2013 Nat hill climb.


I use SKS raceblade clip on mudguards. They are fairly good. My only criticism is that they can slip and start rubbing the wheel. It requires them to be moved up until they run clear.


After years of procrastinating, I’ve got round to getting some lower gears for my winter bike. Rather than switch to a compact chainset, I have gone for a cassette with 30 teeth on the back. 39*30 is just enough to get up steep hills in winter – even if you are a bit out of shape. The downside is that I had to buy an Ultegra rear shiffter (with medium cage) Dura Ace is short length and doesn’t work well beyond a 25 sprocket. It’s a bit of a pain – especially as the marginal gain of a shallow spring is very minimal.

I still have a silly lightweight saddle – 80 grams, which is not ideal for long winter miles, but I haven’t got round to replacing yet. Although I’m not so keen to see power output at the moment, I bought a Stages 105 power meter.

I run Speedplay cro-moly because Speedplay pedals are prone to problems in winter. You need to keep on top of re-filling them with grease.

For tyres I am currently using Continental Gatorskin (28″). They are a good all round winter tyre.

The frame colour white would not be my first choice for winter training bike. I suppose, it creates more of an incentive to wash frequently. Which is good in one sense. At least with not riding very much, it looks the part at the moment.

With all the accoutrements of a saddle bag, I weighed the bike at 8.5kg. Good for a winter training bike, given there is probably 1kg in the saddle bag (tools, jacket, inner tubes, pump)


I went out for the first time a few days ago.



5 thoughts on “Winter training bike 2016-17”

  1. Interesting choice on tyre width I have just done the same moving from 25mm to 28mm will be interesting to see how you find them, enjoying the blogs, road a route around your neck of the woods the other day, Kingston blount is a lovely climb

  2. I’ve also just moved to conti 4seasons 28m,they give fantastic grip on wet roads,and not wishing to tempt fate I’ve not had a puncture so far in around 500mls.
    Always read you blog,the Wherfedale area is one of my favourite places.

  3. Enjoying reading your blog.
    Just realised that in the pictures taken at the events very few competitors were wearing helmets. I would have thought that this would have been an insurance requirement for the event organisers?

  4. Hi,

    I’m just curious of a mini review of the Trek Madone 6.9 and your Emonda – if I’ve read your blog correctly you’ve had both an SL and SLR Emonda? How does the old Madone compare?

    Tossing up between an old 6.9SSL second hand or a new Emonda SL. The Madone should be lighter but is the ‘newer’ Emonda more refined?


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