Starting from scratch

I have been going out a few times this week. Wet, grey, windy and cold, but its good to be back on the bike.


The great thing about cycling in Yorkshire is that you can be greeted by cyclists going the otherway with:

“Ey up”

It beats ‘hi’ anytime. There is always a bit of debate about the cycling etiquette of acknowledging fellow riders going the other way. In the days when cycling was a minority sport, the rarity of the occasion made it easier to do. Nowadays it would be hard work to greet every cyclist on the road. Maybe when I go back down south I will try greeting every cyclist with ‘Ey Up’ and see how it goes down.


Given the long time off the bike, fitness has evaporated and I’ve lost some muscle mass on the legs. I must be a bit slower than usual, because I got overtaken a couple of times. That’s not so common on training rides.


Still it was good to make it all the way to Grassington. I like cycling at this time of the year. There is a raw beauty of winter, plus the Dales is a lot quieter. The main drawbacks to December cycling are the weather and the fact that by 3.30pm it’s getting dark.


The village of Linton.


Looking north towards Grassington.

7 thoughts on “Starting from scratch”

  1. Been reading Tejvan’s blog for 2016. Generally a joy, particularly when he’s in Yorkahire posting photos of great climbs. Also always enjoy the little tech bits and the occasional ‘political’ intervention. Hope the health really improves and you get back onto the bike consistently to hit 2017 in good form. Thanks Tejvan

  2. Interesting post for a number of reasons.
    1. I literally started from scratch in May this year. My gf got me out on a bike as she did LEJOG last year. Before that I was about 12 when I last rode a bike in earnest. I now have the bug and have no interest whatsoever in finding a cure to remove that bug.
    2. My gf happens to be a Yorkshire lass so we’ve spent many a mile in (and out of) the seat on the N Yorkshire Moors. One of the best places in the world to cycle if you ask me.
    3. Ay up….. Hmmmmm, we acknowledge everyone we encounter whether they be on two wheels, two legs and sometimes four. My experience up North is that people are real friendly but we do find that nor everyone responds. We’ve come to the conclusion that they are either in the zone or from ‘down south’. If it’s the latter then keep riding my good man until you see the White Cliffs and then ride a bit more until you feel wet…

  3. In Lancashire you get a greeting’Tor reet’.
    Did 25mls in freezing fog today,must say not the pleasantest day for cycling,but there were a few other nutters(die hards) out.
    Read your blog just for the pics of beautiful Wharfedale.

  4. I’ve only been racing bikes for the past couple of years, and the only racing I have done are hill climbs at the end of the season as I’m a light weight rider. I plan to do some circuit racing this year, but it really does not suit me. Do you know of any other competitive events that someone who likes going up hill could target?



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