Slow is the new fast

After a lot of climbing in the rain on Wed, today was a slow plod in the sun. An excuse to go slow, admire the Yorkshire Dales and take a few photos.


It’s quite nice to go slow for a change.


I’ve cycled past this tree hundreds of times, but I’ve never realised just how big it actually is.


Bolton Abbey. I don’t usually see the village from this direction.   bolton-abbey-sun-cl

I popped my head around the corner and looked towards the old Abbey.birch-trees

There is just a feint hint of colour to the trees – a sign of buds forming and nearly the end of spring.wharfedale-burnsall-distance

Looking back to Burnsall where I came from. wharfedale

Still ended up doing 800m of climbing, so much for a recovery day, but quite a lot in lowest gear.


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