Views from Burnsall and Wharfedale

It’s the third time in three days, I’ve cycled through Burnsall; with views like this it doesn’t take much encouragement. It was just one of those days where you have to keep pinching yourself to remember it’s the middle of December.


Bolton Abbey


Bolton Abbey Crossroadsclimbing-barden

2 Cyclists climb up the Strid, lower Wharfedale.2-mtbs-wharfedale-2

Looking towards Burnsall 2-mtbs-wharfedale

A nice quiet backroadbarden-bend

The road to Bardenbarden

Barden Bridge and the sheepburnsall-view-river

This view of Burnsall looks great any time of the year.grassington-view-river

The River Wharfe near Grassington



The climb out of Burnsallburnsall-distance-2cyclists

Don’t worry this was from 2012. No danger of snow yesterday!


Up close


Burnsall in the distance


1 thought on “Views from Burnsall and Wharfedale”

  1. my only memory of yorkshire ( WAKEFIELD) was 1961 a 39 mile a grade ms
    crashed out half way taken to infirmary diagnosed with concussion but wanted
    to rejoin the race ( BAAAD IDEA) met a pretty lady later on who looked after me
    ( SHE WAS A CYCLING ENTHUSIAST ) of course no other reason . my bike was destroyed so i got the train back to manchester cant remember who payed the fare !! when i walked through the door of my house , my mother said to me hello son did you get anywhere !!!!???


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