Riding on the right side of the road

Short video by Liam Rees of Ilkley CC.

This year, I didn’t pre-ride Bank Road, or even think about how to ride the hill. When I got to the corner, I think I might have subconsciously tried to avoid going on wrong side of the road.  There was probably a better line to take.

Even though the road was closed to traffic, it’s hard to break the habit of a lifetime and cycle on the wrong side of the road.

In 2013, I rode up the Stang quite a few times in training. On the day (when the road was closed to traffic) I still stuck to the left hand side forgetting you can take any line. It’s the kind of detail that is so obvious you don’t think about it.

Jackson Bridge

Last year at Jackson Bridge, I practised many times visualising the best line, which involved riding on wrong side. Especially the blind and tight technical corner after the short downhill. By taking best line, I kept quite a bit of momentum for the last steep section.


Riding the 2015 British Time Trial Championships on the motor racing circuit was a great experience. Very technical sweeping corners, with quite a bit of speed.

CTT video of 2016

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