Everesting Snake Pass

As I mentioned yesterday, after Snake Pass hill climb, I joined Paul and Ben for a lap of their efforts to ‘Everest’ Snake Pass.

Ben emailed me to say Paul Talbot successfully completed the challenge on Sun 11.30pm after 14 hours ‘moving time’. 16 hours after he started. That’s 181 miles at an average speed of 12.8mph. 27 times up Snake Pass.

Ben says he retired after reaching 5,360m (approx base camp). Everesting is even tougher if you’re the better side of 86kg).


You can see Paul’s Strava file here

It’s interesting to see Paul’s times for ascending Snake Pass

  • Climb 1 – 24.56 7.9mph
  • Climb 6 – 16.44 (hill climb entry) 11.8 mph

Then fairly consistent 23 minutes until last climb

  • Climb 27 – 41.33



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