ECCA 100 2015

Today was ECCA 100 on E2/100. A few weeks ago, I was talking about difficulties of racing early in the morning. But the ECCA 100 is the classic of early morning starts – 5.00am for first rider. I had a relative lie in, starting at 6.25am, but it still meant leaving Oxford not that long after going to bed.


Last year the ECCA 100 was held on  a rare float day, and I set a pb of 3.34.17 This year was a slower year, with a strong westerley wind taking the edge off times. I seemed to be relatively slower than other people, though on the bright side I had higher average power and, by previous standards, finished quite strongly for a 100.

It can be a curious game timetrailling – sometimes the link between fitness and fast times can appear quite loose and ready. I’m not sure why I was a bit slower than last year, but I think a fully legal UCI set up has taken the edge off some aerodynamics.

Unlike most other 100s I’ve ridden – this time I started off relatively cautiously and picked up the power as the race progressed. The first 10 miles was ridden in near solitude with few cars making it on to the B road so early from Uggley towards Cambridge. Once on the A11, the traffic picks up and so does your speed. With a tailwind, the average speed for the ride picked up a lot. By the first turn at 30 miles, it was all looking very good. But after turning round into the headwind return, you knew it was going to be a tougher day. I did the first 50 miles in about 1.48. I then tried to recover a little on the last 15 miles of tailwind 50-65 miles, before giving it everything on the last 30 miles home. I managed to average 277 watts for last 30 miles, usually I have a big tail off in power. But, this year I’ve done more miles than usual, so I think that helps the endurance.

The temperature was cool 14 degrees, and as a stick insect type hill climber, I got a little cold. Unfortunately, with a combination of drinking too  much water on the way to the start, I had to make an unplanned dash into a hedge for a natural break – 20 miles from the finish. Bit of a pain, to lose the odd minute.

If the time was not as fast as I might have liked, on the positive side, I felt quite good form, and relieved I didn’t ‘blow up’ – as it is so easy to do in a 100. Initially I though I did a 3.43, but found out later it was 3.41. still  – nearly seven minutes slower than last year. It’s all good training and practice. As a football manager may say ‘there’s many positives to take into the next game, but we need to tighten up at the back.’

Driving home up the  A1 (closed for about 20 miles) was tough on the knees. I bet professional cyclists don’t have to drive the team coach after a hundred mile race. That is a real marginal gain.

This coming Thursday is a very different kettle of fish. It’s the British Time Trial Championship against the likes of Geraint Thomas and Alex Dowset. The roads will be closed to traffic so definitely no drag from lorries on the A11. It’s possible I might regret doing a 100 mile TT so close to BTTC, but it was good practise for the national 100.

Tour de Suisse Time trial

It is one of the cliches of cycling that time trials are dull for spectators, but today’s time trial  to decide the Tour de Suisse was epic. It was so close between Thomas and Spilak for the overall. Credit to Swiss timing for giving six splits and constant virtual standings (often in pro time trials, they can manage about 1 split time if you’re lucky). But, it just shows that time trials can make a great finish to a well managed stage race.

Tough for Geraint Thomas to come so close, but it also bodes well for future stage races…

The hut


It was an early morning start for me, but an even earlier start for the marshalls and organisers of the ECCA 100, so big thanks to them. I always like visiting the Eagle R.C. hut – a lot of cycling memorabilia and you can’t get more to the heart of British time trialling than a 5am early morning blast up a dual carriageway!

Results ECCA 2015

1Tejvan PettingerSri Chinmoy Cycling Team3.41.45
2Mark TurnbullTORQ Performance3.42.13
3Colin WardEssex Roads CC3.42.27
4Jon WynnNorthover Vets Team3.42.35
5Dave LazenbyBaines Racing Silverstone Cycle3.43.42
6ANDY STUARTVelo Club St Raphael3.46.23
7Richard SpinkT1 Diabetes.info3.46.58
8Charles Mitchell.a3crg3.47.42
9Mark AshurstNorthover Vets Team3.50.56
10Gavin HinxmanKettering CC3.51.22
11Luke HattersleySt Ives CC3.51.48
12Antony StapletonChelmer CC3.53.05
13David WatsonCoventry RC3.53.13
14Kevin BaumberShaftesbury CC3.53.47
15James LongBishop’s Stortford CC3.53.58
16Dean LubinCiclos Uno3.54.29
17John LaceyHemel Hempstead CC3.54.45
18Chris HopkinsonCC Desiragear3.55.06
19Gray TurnockFinsbury Park CC3.56.23
20Alex EasonChelmer CC3.58.32
21Tim DaviesIcknield RC3.58.33
22Ian TurnerSt Neots CC3.58.34
23Grant OrsbornIcknield RC4.00.09
24Adam LaycockTeam Trisports4.00.22
25Tony MayTMG Horizon Cycling Team4.01.19
26Howard WallerPython RT4.01.44
27Martin DickinsonDeal Tri4.02.36
28Ben KeeleyTeam
29Andy LangdownHampshire RC4.03.55
30Martin DossettWelwyn Whs4.03.56
31Richard BirtwhistleSydenham Whs4.04.45
32David ThompsonScarborough Paragon CC4.05.46
33Jasmijn Muller
Paceline RT4.05.56 (f)
34Pierre GuernLeamington C & AC4.07.20
35John GolderChelmer CC4.07.42
36Ian TurnerNorth Road CC4.08.08
37Keith DorlingBishop’s Stortford CC4.09.14
38Geoff ReynoldsHemel Hempstead CC4.09.44
39Joe Le SageRutland CC4.10.02
40CARLITO RENDORAEagle Road Club4.11.23
41Chris TyePlomesgate CC4.11.29
42Nicholas WebberColchester Rovers CC4.12.12
43Ray RetterNorth Devon Wheeler4.13.01
44Andrew TurnockFinsbury Park CC4.13.25
45Peter HooperEastbourne Rovers CC4.13.27
46Phillip GoslingEly & District CC4.14.15
47David ClarkeTeam
48matthew welbournSouthend Whs4.15.02
49Tim ChildsWesterley Cycling Club4.16.24
50David PittCharlotteville4.16.36
51Katja RietdorfTeam Milton Keynes4.16.45
52Nick HickmanHitchin Nomads CC4.19.36
53Mary BowerChelmer CC4.19.52
54Frank ProudWesterley Cycling Club4.23.47
55Neil ReynoldsWinchcombe Cycling Club4.23.51
56BOB QUARTONWolsey RC4.28.12
57phil nelsonHemel Hempstead CC4.33.08
58Lisa HainesMaldon & District CC4.35.17
59Anouk MolliexLeamington C & AC4.38.07
60Cliff MatthewsWolsey RC4.43.17
61Dominic WhiteheadSt Ives CC4.50.06
62Jamie MaidmentSouthend Whs4.55.52
63Debra PeckColchester Rovers CC4.59.41
64Michael ShawLondon Dynamo5.07.19
65Matthew BlaggMaidenhead & District CC5.08.50
66Murray KirtonA5 Rangers5.08.50
67Peter HorsnellChelmer CC5.19.34
68Tamsin EdeFul-on Tri5.46.41

1st lady: Jasmijn Muller 4.05.56

10 mile lap times

lap times ecca 100 - 2015

I was riding harder into headwind

  • Lap 5 – 274 watts av 25.5mph
  • Lap 7 – 256 watts, av 29.8mph


  • Temp 15 degrees
  • Wind – 16mph westerley
  • Air pressure – moderate
  • Drink 3 bottles with total of  1.95 l – used 1.7 litres plus two gels
  • Notes to self- bit cold, drank too much before start


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