Buxton CC hill climb 2015

Today was first hill climb of the year – Buxton CC hill climb on Long Hill. Actually it was the second hill climb of the year. I’ve already done one in May on truncated version of Shap Fell, where I averaged a rather incredulous 25mph for a hill climb.


Long Hill is another of these long and gradual ascents. Get a tailwind and it makes it relatively fast. It makes something of a gentle transition from the time trial season to the more brutal 11% 4 minute climbs which will soon be coming thick and fast.

After weeks of patchy rain, conditions were relatively benign. Mild, dry and a gentle tailwind – as good as you can get for hill climb season. There was a good turnout with 67 riders on the start sheet.

I was able to warm-up on Long Hill before the race started, but then at top my garmin mount broke so I stuffed it down jersey for the rest of the day.

After waiting all season for new Bio racer TT skin suit. It finally arrived – just as TT season was ending. Whilst in New York, I got a speed pocket retro fitted from NoPinz. I also got some No Pinz trip socks into the bargain. This is the stuff I’ve been wanting to use all TT season. So it was ironic I finally get it for the hill climb season. Aerodynamics though are relatively important for a climb like Long Hill, so I defied the fashion police of hill climbs and donned a monkey skin suit, and some go faster trip socks. If you are a devotee of old fashioned style and class in the sartorial department – all I can say is look away now (when I get a picture)

I’m hopeful the Tripsocks make you quicker for the fast TT on the A50 and the like. But, I don’t think I’ll need to use on any more hill climbs. From now, I’ll save for next season’s time trials.

Anyway it still felt good to be as aerodynamic as possible. I’ve been racing up Long Hill for the past six years, and every year try some different equipment. This year I was on TT bike, disc-wheel, Zipp 404. Save putting on draft box fairing system – it was 100% at the aero end of spectrum rather than low weight spectrum.

After a good warm up and down the hill, there was a bit of a drama getting my number in into the NoPinz pocket. My efforts was a bit mangled and it was not flush but wrinkly. Big thanks to Lou Clark of Buxton CC, who went above and beyond the call of duty to fix the said number and make it look like it should.

The race went quite well, a fairly good measured effort, though I haven’t seen any statistics yet. Towards the top, the tailwind picked up a little, giving a little boost towards the line.

I finished in 12.26 – about 10 seconds slower than last year, and exactly the same time when I first raced in 2010 on a road bike. Dan Evans, looking  good in National champs jersey took the win in 12.20. Adam Kenway, 3rd in last years national, made up the podium –  though he did take virtual fastest road bike prize. Fastest junior and fourth overall was Kieron Savage. Dame Sarah Storey was fastest women with a very quick mid 14. If my memory is correct Miss Claire Munton was 2nd lady. Buxton CC were once again team winners. I’ll try get results later.

So first hill climb done, already Jackson Bridge is looming on the horizon.

Previous results on Long Hill

  • 2010 – 12.26 – 1st – (strong tailwind – road bike, no tribars) Blog 2010 | Results 2010
  • 2011 – 13.49 – 1st (headwind – road bike, tribars) blog 2011
  • 2011 – Nat HC – 13.02 – 5th (headwind – road bike, tribars) Blog Nat Champs
  • 2012 – 13.35 – 1st (TT bike) Results 2012
  • 2013 – 13.13 – 1st (TT Bike) (blog cyclinginfo)
  • 2014 – 12.16 – 1st (TT bike, and discwheel
  • 2015 – 12.26 – 2nd (TT bike and dischweel

Previous results

Results 2015

1Dan EvansTeam Elite/Paul Bethall ElectricalS12:20.2
2Tejvan PettingerSri Chinmoy CyclingS12:26.8
3Adam KenwaySport Grub-Kuota Cycling TeamS12:42.1
4Kieran SavageYorkshire Road ClubJ1813:11.1
5Matthew CartlidgeKuota-GSG-SpinergyS13:25.4
6Sam ClarkBuxton Cycling Club/SettValleyCyclesS14:08.5
7Dan ThuttChorlton VeloS14:09.9
8Andy AshurstManchester Wheelers ClubV50+14:10.4
9Joseph John DobsonManchester Bicycle ClubS14:12.8
10Ben NorburyCongleton C.CS14:13.4
11Courtney Blockley-CamptonLeicester Forest C.CS14:13.9
12Dame Sarah StoreyPearl Izumi Sports Tours International BOBCW14:24.8
13Peter ThomasKent Valley C.CS14:27.2
14Paul RobinsonLyme Racing ClubV50+14:27.7
15Mark Horsley-FrostBuxton Cycling Club/SettValleyCyclesV40+14:32.3
16Bhima BowdenBuxton Cycling Club/SettValleyCyclesS14:40.0
17Mostyn BullockBuxton Cycling Club/SettValleyCyclesV40+14:46.1
18Arne BeswickBuxton Cycling Club/SettValleyCyclesS14:47.7
19David JohnsonGlossop Kinder VeloV40+14:51.8
20Jamie HumphriesWestmead Team 88S14:52.5
21Paul ArmstrongSheffrec C.CS14:53.3
22Tony CopeLeek Cyclists ClubV40+15:05.4
23Theo JeffriesWestmead Team 88J1715:09.7
24Hamish McDougallLeicester Forest C.CS15:11.7
25Simon HolmesRutland C.CV40+15:22.2
26Jon WoodCoventry C.CV50+15:23.0
27Matthew CosgroveSport CityJ1715:23.1
28James RussellMacclesfield WheelersV50+15:24.7
29William ThompsonManchester Bicycle ClubS15:29.9
30Joseph MolyneauxLeek Cyclists ClubS15:30.4
31Miss Claire MuntonMalteni Race TeamW15:39.3
32Ms. Julia Van CampenSheffrec C.CW15:52.9
33Chris WilcoxLyme Racing ClubV50+15:53.2
34Chris BainesBuxton Cycling Club/SettValleyCyclesS16:01.5
35Ross LitherlandHolmfirth C.CS16:03.8
36Chris ReynoldsLiverpool Century R.CS16:06.7
37Paul TargettPendle Forest C.CV50+16:11.7
38Stuart BakerBuxton Cycling Club/SettValleyCyclesS16:12.0
39William SwainCrewe Clarion WhsS16:12.9
40Nick BodenCommon Lane OccasionalsV40+16:14.8
41Dr. Helen EborallBorn to Bike – Bridgtown CyclesW16:23.6
42Vanessa WhitfieldTeam 22W16:34.9
43Stephen IngramBuxton Cycling Club/SettValleyCyclesV40+16:36.8
44John QuimbyCoalville Wheelers Cycling ClubV60+16:52.7
45Joseph TorkingtonBuxton Cycling Club/SettValleyCyclesJV1516:59.3
46Nicola SodenCarnac Planet XW17:02.2
47Iona SewellCarnac Planet XW17:04.8
48Molly Horsley-FrostBuxton Cycling Club/SettValleyCyclesW17:11.7
49Mick KellyTeam Milton KeynesS17:22.9
50Stephen GlenwrightVTTAV50+17:37.4
51Nigel FinchMercia Lloyds Cycles C.CV60+17:41.4
52Simon BainesBuxton Cycling Club/SettValleyCyclesV50+17:47.5
53Michael AllcroftBuxton Cycling Club/SettValleyCyclesV40+17:48.8
54Nick SharpeBuxton Cycling Club/SettValleyCyclesV50+17:51.6
55Paul BirkinBuxton Cycling Club/SettValleyCyclesV50+18:14.3
56Ian JacksonEast Lancashire R.CV40+18:23.4
57Mike ClearyManchester Bicycle ClubV40+18:33.2
58John LoweWithington WheelersV40+18:52.3
59Jonathan PooleAshley Touring C.CV50+20:04.7
60Thomas AskewBuxton Cycling Club/SettValleyCyclesS21:48.9
Dan OgdenShutt Velo RapideSDNS
Dr. Chris LoxleyNorth Cheshire ClarionV40+DNS apol
Mark TickleLeigh Premier R.CSDNS
Sam WainwrightAshfield R.CSDNS apol
Sandra MckayVeloschils Interbike R.TWDNS apol
Mrs Catriona ArcherBorn to Bike – Bridgtown CyclesWDNS apol
Chris DykeManchester Bicycle ClubSDNS apol
1st manDan Evans£40.0012:20.20
2nd manTejvan Pettinger£30.0012:26.80
3rd manAdam Kenway£20.0012:42.10
4th manKieran Savage£10.0013:11.10
1st womanDame Sarah Storey£40.0014:24.80
2nd womanClaire Munton£30.0015:39.30
3rd womanJulia Van Campen£20.0015:52.90
4th WomanDr. Helen Eborall£10.0016:23.60
1st JuvenileJoe Torkington£15.0016:59.30
1st JuniorKieran Savage£15.0013:11.10
1st 40+ VetMark Horsley-Frost£15.0014:32.30
1st 50+ VetAndy Ashurst£15.0014:10.40
1st 60+VetJohn Quimby£15.0016:52.70
Fastest team of 3Buxton Cycling Club/SettValleyCycles
Sam Clark£10.0014:08.50
Mark Horsley-Frost£10.0014:32.30
Bhima Bowden£10.0014:40.00
Spot prizeDavid Johnson£10.0014:51.80
Lantern RougeThomas AskewRear light21:48.90

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