Whiteleaf hilly

Whiteleaf is one of the hardest climbs within striking distance of Oxford. It has often been a place for some hill climb training.

There is a hilly event on the course (Hcc212) which includes two ascents of Whiteleaf, promoted by Watford Velo CC on 17th April. Unfortunately, I am away in NY, but was interested to check out the course.

Top of Whiteleaf-hill

I have recovered from a cold, but two weeks of little cycling has reduced form. Still I went out and did a few hill intervals on the way to Princes Risborough. I started at the bottom of Whitleaf, and then followed the 7 mile circuit , which includes quite a few left turns. I finished with a final ascent of Whiteleaf.

It was 7.9 miles, average speed 17.7 mph, average power 274 watts. I was already a bit tired by the time I got to Princes Risborough, but that is a very slow average speed for a circuit. It is up and down with a few left hand turns you have to slow down for. Whiteleaf really kills your average speed.

The real course starts on the top of Whiteleaf hill and does two laps 14 miles, with two ascents of Whiteleaf. The course could be amended to make it 15 miles and 3 ascents of Whiteleaf. But, I’m not sure how popular that would be!

Maybe next year I will be around to do. It’s a shame to miss out on a time trial course which has two ascents of a climb like Whiteleaf.



Friday is Buxton Mountain Time Trial, but then there is a big gap in racing because Circuit of the Dales has been cancelled.


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  1. Hi Tejvan,

    I know it’s perhaps a bit too early to be thinking about 2017 but do you have any idea where the National HC champs are to be held?


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