Vic Clark

Vic Clark, three times former national hill climb champion (1946 to 1948) sadly passed away recently. He was aged 96.

Paul Jones interviewed Vic Clark for “A Corinthian Endeavour“, in which Vic has a starring role in the first chapter.

I’d like to post this interview with Vic because it is a great story and evocative of a very different post-war era where you could commute from Coventry to Kendal and be as quick as a van.

I particularly like the story at the end. The time when Vic was cycling a tandem on his own. He stopped to pick up a soldier trying to hitch-hike home. Vic offered him a lift but said ‘you’ll have to work for it!’ The solider accepted and cycled on the back.
Vic Clark

Vic Clark was the third person to win the national hill climb championship in 1946. Well into his nineties, he would still ride his bike on indoor rollers. He continued to take an interest in the hill climb championship in the evening of his life.

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  1. It’s fortunate that Paul Jones was able to interview Vic for his book before he passed away.The man had a true passion for cycling and was still mad keen attending National Hill Climb events into his latter years.96 is some age.
    Here’s to Vic R.I.P

  2. Harold Worthern won the first one, a good friend of Vic’s. Maitland then won before Vic took his hat-trick of wins.

    Lovely chap, absolute diamond. I have lots more audio of Vic which I’ll try and get round to uploading soon.


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