Off to New York

I’m off to New York for a couple of weeks. Hot, humid, intense roads and happy drivers – not the perfect  acclimatisation for the upcoming British hill climb season. But, as long as a I can do a few hill intervals I’ll be happy.

There’s a lot of interest in ‘Everesting‘ at the moment. I got invited to speak on BBC Radio Surrey tomorrow morning 8.50am about the ‘Everesting’ of Box Hill. Unfortunately, I will be dipping into my first American breakfast of fried donuts and corn syrup muffins.

In my keyword statistics I see someone is googling ‘everesting Cat and Fiddle’ – Good luck with that one. That would be a lot of miles to Everest Cat and Fiddle. on the 3% slope. (and you have to cycle on the way down.)

Cat and Fiddle. One of England’s longest climbs.

To Everest Cat and Fiddle, you’re looking at 27 times * 330m, which is 13.2 miles per lap (up and down). Total of 343 miles. I wouldn’t recommend with a strong headwind.

5 thoughts on “Off to New York”

    • Do you fancy having a go Bhima! It is your local hill.

      I don’t think the downhill counts, according to everesting rules.

      I think the height may depend where you start climb, can’t remember where I got 330 from.


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