LifeLine Track Pump Review

I received a Lifeline Professional Track pump for review.


I have had a couple of track pumps over the year. Overall, this is very good so far.

It looks impressive and is well designed, with a smooth wooden handle to finish it off. The air hose fits neatly by the side of the track pump when not in use – an improvement over my current pump where valve and hose are always swinging around.

It is relatively easy to use. The locking mechanism is pretty solid. To blow up tyres to 120psi is quite easy, with the nice big dial clearly showing the tyre pressure. There is a long stroke for quick inflation.

The one thing that took a bit of getting used to is that the Presta valve cap only needs to go lightly on the end of a valve. With my old one you push it much further other the valve tip. It seems to go on only a small part of the valve tip to inflate. You don’t have to push it far over the end.


A good feature I haven’t had before, is a release button to reduce any excess tyre pressure. Useful for when racing, and you are trying to get the exact PSI.

Taking the valve off, is always the tricky part of a track pump. Be careful of the metal lever – it really snaps out of position. I can’t help but loose some air when taking it off. But, that’s the case with every track pump I’ve used.

One of the key tests of track pumps is the long term durability. One track pump (can’t remember the brand) broke after a couple of years. As far as I can tell, this feels very solidly built and the pumping action is smooth and quiet. To give a fair review of a track pump, you need to come back after at least a year to say whether it is still going. If I remember I will update review in a couple of years time, but so far I can’t see any reason it won’t last. Online reviews haven’t mentioned any long-term problems.


The valve head is relatively small. It fits in a small disc wheel hole (though at a slight angle)

Track pumps are like football referees – you only notice them when they make a mistake and don’t work. It’s hard to get too excited about a track pump, but this is quite elegant, easy to use and has an overall feeling of quality.

It is reversible for both presta and schrader (MTB) though I never use it for MTB use.

Other features of the track pump

  • Max pressure 240 PSI
  • Wide, comfortable wooden handle
  • Wide spaced feet feet
  • Non-slip rubber contact points for secure use on polished floors
  • Memory ring for quick filling to preferred pressure every time


Value for money

If you compare the Lifeline track pump to other brands, it appears to be good value. For example, Lezyne do several track pumps from £40 to £70, and it’s not clear what extra you get for your money. (For example this Lezyne Alloy Floor Drive pump at £53.99 – looks remarkably similar.)

For £26.99, it is quite a professional track pump at relatively low cost. It definitely looks and feels good. The relatively unknown ‘Lifeline’ brand may be helping give better value.

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