Jack Rossiter and Land’s End to John o’ Groats record of 1929

I came across these wonderful collection of black and white cycling photos, uploaded by Peter Morris, Flickr. The photos are of family members, primarily H.R.Dick Morris and Jack Rossiter.

Jack Rossiter at Land’s End on a tricycle
  • In this newspaper extract, it states Jack Rossiter, broke the Land’s End to John o Groats record, with a time of two days 13 hours 22 minutes. The newspaper goes on to say he is regarded as the greatest cyclist England has ever produced. (See: Opperman’s record attempt)
  • Jack Rossiter broke the record which had stood for 30 years, set by Harry Green in 1907. He rode on a Raleigh bicycle, with a three speed Sturmey Archer. He used a “K” hub, giving variations of 2? per cent. below and 33 1/3 per cent. above normal.
  • A year later he broke the 1,000 miles record, which had also been standing for 21 years, by nearly 4 hours. (See: Sheldon Brown)
  • According to this, Jack Rossiter finished 13th in the 1921 World Championship in Denmark (link)
  • Congleton Cycling Club have the Jack Rossiter Memorial trophy for the most improved rider.


Jack Rossiter in the North Road 24, 1928. The caption under the image stated 408 miles, second!


Jack Rossiter with support crew.


Before the days of proper bike racks.


Jack Rossiter on the start line with quite a few spectators.


Well dressed

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  1. I was always a keen cyclist in my youth. As a village policeman in Essex 1957 to 1963 My patrols were always on a bike. It kept me very fit. I had heard about Jack Rossiters’ great record-breaking bike ride and wondered if a distant relationship existed.. Great stuff Jack. I imagine you do your riding round the pearly gates now.

    • Hi Harry,
      Thanks for your note on my Dad Jack Rossiter’s Lands End – John O’Groats cycle record. Dad is certainly on the wrong side of the Pearly Gates, died in 1986.
      Could he be a distant relation of yours? It’s not impossible – he knew hardly anything of his own father, also Jack, who was alive around 1874 – 1898. Does this name mean anything to you?
      There is a lengthy article about my Dad in a cycle magazine called the “Boneshaker”, published this summer – you may find it interesting reading if you can get hold of it.
      With all good wishes,
      Jack junior

  2. I am Jack’s Grandson, Ian.
    My dad informed me that in the 3rd picture, the man on the bike is H.R’s brother Arthur AKA Tim.
    In the 4th picture, the woman in the vehicle is Jack’s mother.

  3. It seems that there was more than one Raleigh in case any one of them failed. A gent called Ivor in Nottingham sent us a picture of one which his father had rescued from disposal when the business was closed down. We’ve no idea if it was one which Uncle Jack actually used but the frame & probably the wheels were identical to that depicted in the phots.

  4. Dear Friends,
    I’m writing annual books about Road World Cycling Championships.
    Unfortunately it’s impossible to find online some basic details about John William “Jack” Rossiter.

    May 5th,1921 – Anfield 100 (Shrewsbury) – winner
    August 4th, 1921 – Copenhagen Glostrup World Championships Time Trial (Amateurs) – 13th
    June 5th,1922 – Anfield 100 (Shrewsbury) – 3rd
    May 21st,1923 – Anfield 100 (Shrewsbury) – 2nd
    June 9th,1924 – Anfield 100 (Shrewsbury) – 3rd
    June 1st,1925 – Anfield 100 (Shrewsbury) – 10th
    * Anfield 100 Invitational was the best Uk’s race during the initial period of Classic Race Cycling and its parcour inspired the 1922 Liverpool Road World Cycling Championship.

    In 1926 Jack Rossiter (Club Century) won two big 24Hours races:
    Catford (405.5 miles)
    North Road (407.5 miles)

    I’ve discovered only reading here that he died in 1986.
    May be to know birthday and birthplace as death data?
    Further info will be much more than welcomed.

    Thanks in advance.
    Alf, Milan – Italy


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