How to enter a hill climb

I get quite a few emails asking about how to enter a hill climb. This is a short guide.

1. For a Cycling Time Trials (CTT) open event you need to be a member of a club. You can see a list of clubs here

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2. Go to events on CTT website. On the left hand side, you can narrow selection by distance – Hill Climb.

Also, have a look at my list of hill climbs for 2015

Most events you can now enter online. Though some you may still need an entry form. There’s help here – Getting started

3. There are some club events too. Club events may be restricted to club members, but to be honest, club hill climbs rarely get a full field, anyone wanting to have a go, will probably get in.

That’s it. Despite reputation for secretive course codes, it’s not too difficult. A good local club will also help out in suggesting courses and getting first entry in.

Rosedale Chimney
Paul Curran – Rosedale Chimney

How do I enter the National Hill climb?

Just enter like another open event.

Do I need a qualifying time for national HC?

Yes. The last few years have been oversubscribed. Especially male vets have struggled to get in. You might get in without a time, but these days it is unlikely.

2016 is at Bank Road, Matlock – Enter here – closing date 11th October, 2016

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