DHB Aeron Shorts review

DHB Aeron shorts are a ‘mid range’ cycling shorts from DHB (Wiggle) that were sent to me free for review. I’ve now used them for a few weeks, and they are a decent pair of shorts, which offer good comfort whilst in the saddle (whether TT or road bike)



The chamois is made by an Italian firm CyTech, who over the years have produced pads for brands such as Assos, Gore, De Marchi, Rapha and others. This padding is one of the higher end ones. It has up to 10mm foam in areas where it is needed most with air pockets to enable the shorts to breathe. I’ve only used for 3 and half hour rides, but it is quite comfortable even with wafer thin saddle.

It is quite well made with four layer stitching – hopefully making less vulnerable to unstitching process. I have black with white trim – so far it looks brand new despite being washed quite a few times.


The shorts look quite good. There has been no blurring of white and black colours.

The gripper at the end of the legs could be described as light. On the positive side, you will get no stretch marks from tight lycra and elastic bands.

On the downside there is some gap between leg gripper and back of leg. My legs are average size – neither Chris Hoy nor an ultra skinny climber. For the leisure cyclist, this minor gap is not an issue – I would hazard a guess most wouldn’t even notice. I’m more hard-wired for looking for aero gains and aero drag.

The meshed bib does a good job of holding the shorts in place and acting as wicking layer. It is quite comfortable. The shorts feel comfortable next to the skin.


Quite happy for a good solid training short – It is ideal for knocking out 2-3 hour training rides. Saving more expensive padded shorts for really long rides. Looks well made and will hopefully get good value from the short.

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