Cycling in Croatia

I’ve spent the past few days cycling in Croatia, near Dubrovnik. A couple of days were unpleasantly cold – zero degrees and a biting wind. However, there have also been quite a few mild days. The cycling is a big contrast to England. If you avoid the main coastal trunk road, you end up cycling on very quiet, mountain back-roads. It is incredibly hilly, but the views stunning and very little traffic. I haven’t seen anyone else cycling in this part of the world. I saw one category 2 climb had a total of 4 participants on Strava.

On leaving the hotel, my usual route involves climbing 140 metres in the first mile, including some nasty 20% gradients. So much for a gentle warm up. It’s like starting off every ride with a climb up Pea Royd Lane. It’s not the kind of training I usually do at this time of the year. But, despite tired legs, it is great fun. The other day I did 36 miles and managed 1,500 metres of climbing. It’s hillier than the Bristol South megahilly. As usual I’m left wishing for a compact chainset; it is my New Year Resolution to buy one and stop complaining.

But, apart from being slightly over-geared it is a real joy cycling here in Croatia.

I shall just add a few photos which say enough.


The sea


Another coastal road


A village with a few barking dogs, but fortunately well behaved.



bike-view-hairpinBy a hairpin.



The road going up.




A postcard in the making.ocean-sea

Near Slanobarren-rd

sea view
The road goes downhill.
Some where in Croatia



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  1. Thanks for this Tejvan, I’m going to Dub. in a few weeks time, checking out the Strava segments has led me here. Sure it’s going to be roasting come August. Any advice to offer? Sounds like there’s not much of a cycling scene.


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