Buckden and the foot of Park Rash

In the end, I did a nice steady 60 miles on Christmas Day. It was a rare December day, when the weather was as good as it gets. The early morning sun made the Wharfe Valley look very attractive. It was a steady ride up the dale, with frequent stops to take photos.

Burnsall bridge


After two hours, I got to the foot of Park Rash. I was in two minds whether to climb up to the top. There may have been a good view from top, but after 50 metres, I did a u-turn. – I got some great presents, but all I really wanted for Christmas was a compact chainset. The 39*25 is too high for this time of the year.

Park Rash
Park Rash looming in the distance- not often I do a u-turn at the bottom of a climb.

If I had strained every sinew in the body I could have hauled the winter tank up to the top. But, I didn’t feel like it. It turns out you don’t have to start training for October hill climbs the previous December.

I went as far as Buckden and then, with a tailwind behind me, I picked up the pace for the return leg. I came across another rider, Matt from Baildon. Matt had started even earlier and had been as far as the top of Fleet Moss – impressive for Christmas Day and also proving – there’s always someone who will have done more training than you. But, the sight of a fellow cyclists, seemed to galvanise me into cycling a bit faster . With the wind behind you, it can be a great ride down the valley from Buckden to Burnsall and to Ilkley. There were only a few cars on the road, and the valley flew by.

60 miles and four hours. So no epic training ride, like the vainglorious promises of a few days ago. But, it was a pretty good ride, and back just in time for Christmas dinner.

Photos from Yorkshire Dales


Burnsall burnsall-path-1000

Burnsall signposted.

North of Barden Tower, Wharfe Valley


The river Wharfe
The road from Grassington towards Kettlewell.
The climb from Bursnall
Looking back towards Burnsall


Bolton Abbey




7 thoughts on “Buckden and the foot of Park Rash”

  1. Nice set of pictures. Brings back memories! Used to know the area pretty well 60 years ago.
    I must say the road surfaces were much better then! Many less vehicles on them.
    Now in Arizona, still riding a lot.
    Comment on the costs….. at that time, I could build a full road racing bike, 10 speed & tubulars for less than 40 pounds. Even in the late 70’s, in California, I imported a Holdsworth, full Campy Record for $300!
    Although I don’t always agree with your practices, I have enjoyed your blog for a long time. Keep up the good work.

  2. Nice piece Tejvan,

    I feel I was almost there wonderful photo’s. We’ve had a good cycling winter (so far) here in the Surrey with very little rain a a few cold spells plenty of dry roads. I’m hoping to cycle in the Pennines Chapel Fell and the Hartside in a loop in April (whether permitting)

    Happy New Year to you.



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