Charlotteville CC 50 mile TT 2016

The Charlotteville CC 50 mile TT is held on the A31 Bentley course. Today, the weather was unseasonally warm. Good conditions for a time trial, just a light southerly wind.


I haven’t done any ‘flat’ time trials this year, though the A31 has a few long drags which take the edge off your average speed, but give a little encouragement to those who don’t mind the odd lump.

I started well hydrated because I imagined it would be quite thirsty work in the heat. I rode with a 750ml bottle between the tribars. I did toy with running a single chainring for this race. But, didn’t want to risk taking off the front d√©railleur on the bumpy A31. I’m investigating a good chain catcher or, even better, a narrow/wide chainring (56 5 arm bot for Dura Ace Quark pm). Last time I did a 100 mile TT on this course, I DNF due to tribars coming loose so you have to make sure everything is well tightened. There are innumerable horizontal ridges in the road which make it quite uncomfortable and lots of clunking.

I was last man off – number 150. Scratch rider, presumably from having done the super fast A50 course in the past three years. I heard rumours this course has traffic lights this year so can’t be used.

The start was OK, because the wind seemed to be behind and I went up the first hill quite fast. But, by Chawton roundabout the road surface had slowed me down a little, and there was a headwind on the way East.

In a 50, the first 10 miles always feels quite easy but gets progressively harder. But, I kept a decent pace through the first 40 miles. I was averaging 21 minute tens, which is quite good. By 40 miles, I had run out of water and also at this point noticed a drop off in power. It was maybe connected, though I don’t think it was just a matter of getting thirsty. The last 10 miles was also quite windy. The last few miles of the A31 is on smooth tarmac, but today it wasn’t as fast as it usually was.

  • Distance – 50 miles
  • Time – 1.46.15
  • Average power – 284 watts



Overall a good event well put on by Charlotteville CC. For me, it was good to do a 50 mile TT. The idea of 100s and 12 hours doesn’t seem so appealing just at the moment though.

Previous results in Charlotteville CC on H50/8

3 thoughts on “Charlotteville CC 50 mile TT 2016”

  1. A good ride, Tejvan. You had the honour of going off last partially due to being the top rider from last year with your second place, of those entered this year. However, the heat and wind later in the event must have had an impact.

  2. Just been looking at Mile Anton’s pics from the event. Would love to see an update on your gear choices for the event, particularly the bars/bottle/garmin mount combo and the trip socks. Also any changes you might make for the H100/88, if you’re doing that one. Cheers.


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