Ribble Winter Training Bike for sale

After 13 years of ownership, I am selling another bike – Ribble Alloy Dedacci 7003 road bike with carbon forks. Mostly Shimano 105.

Farwell Mr Ribble

I used this in my first hill climb season. 2004. I remember using it in Otley CC hill climb and Brighton Mitre, but I’ve lost the photo. 12 years is a long time in website history.


Although it is quite light (8.9kg with current heavy wheels) It was relegated to a winter training bike quite a long time ago as new, more expensive road bikes came along. I used to just accumulate bikes, but it’s time to let this one go. Over the years, I’ve probably done more miles on this bike than any other. I don’t know how many miles, but I would image 30,000 would be a reasonable guess. It’s accumulated wear and tear you would expect on a well ridden bike, though there are also some new components too. (inc. new cassette and chain)

It is collection only from Oxford, so if you are interested you can bid on its Ebay Listing

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