Before the start of a race

I found this video on youtube. Live coverage of the British Time Trial Championship June 2015.

I was joking with race official before the start and the commentator (Rob Hayles) picked up on this.

The funny thing  I never usually do this before the start of the race.

I was talking because the clock in front was confusing. There was a count-down, but it seemed to be a minute out and I thought I might have to start a minute before the official time.

Usually before a race I’m quite quiet and don’t feel like talking. Sometimes people will ask questions, but I’m not in the mood for talking. Just trying to keep my mind quiet and focused on the upcoming effort.

I don’t get nervous before races, maybe the odd hill climb, I may feel some heightened awareness / nerves.

On this occasion in June, I was really frazzled about whether I’d be able to enter the race. I’d spent a lot of money to make my bike UCI legal. But, when I got to the race, there was a UCI rig, which was really confusing. It didn’t seem to have the different exemptions for tall people (over 190cm). And there was no one to confirm whether my bike was UCI legal or not. When I went down to the starting paddock 20 minutes before the race, I wasn’t even sure they would let me start.

When they did I was  relieved and pretty relaxed.

It was a big race with a lot of top pros on the startsheet. But, in a way this took the pressure off. I wasn’t there to make up the numbers, but it’s not like the National Hill Climb, when you think you might get on the podium.

My warm up for the race, involved two laps of motor racing circuit and then riding up and down on the grass. It was as amateurish as you could make it.

The good thing about being very relaxed was that after the start there was a deceptively difficult climb on the motor racing circuit. I think a few riders over-cooked it here, I took if fairly steady and paced it pretty well.

Final thought

There was no logic in entering the British Time Trial Championship. It was really expensive for just one ride. It cost me at least £450 for British Cycling license and UCI legal forks. Not only that but, I left license at home in Oxford, so I had to get a friend to break into house and send license special delivery.

Not only that, but the one time I get on TV, I forget my helmet. I’ve never forgotten my helmet before, and I had to borrow one from an Otley CC member.

However, it was all worth it. It was a great experience. Sometimes, when you’re still young you have to do things which are a little crazy.


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  1. Hi Tejvan, a cycling nut and reporter who lives in Lincoln I volunteered to cover the champs for one of the nationals and was lucky enough to find myself in the (I’m on the vid as well) starting area where I noticed how chilled you were compared to the other riders. As a fan of the blog you looked so relaxed I was almost tempted to say “hello” !


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