Cycling puns

Cycling puns

Fabio Aru went on the attack and took a large gap out of his main rivals. It led Carlton Kirby to comment.

“Like Napoleon, Aru has blown apart the race”.

In a blog post, it doesn’t seem so wild as it did at the time. But, it was just the way  the sentence was dropped into the stream of consciousness commentary without even a pause or even that moment of self-congratulatory laughter. It was like ‘Did I really just hear that?”

As a loyal reader reminds me who can forget the legendary “And Carpets is curtains as he goes out the back” (Vladamir Carpets)

This led onto more classics like: Carpets was going to go to move to Quick Step (former pro team), put perhaps he was worried they would walk all over him.

Some of the wheelie terrible cycling puns

“I like cyclists, who torque the talk.”



“So expensive to pump up your tyres these days, bloody inflation!”

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