Surfing the Line – Hill climb film

I remember sitting down with Maciek about two years ago (2019). I always enjoy talking about hill climbs, so was happy to take part. We spent quite a few hours and I think Maciek ended up with quite a bit of footage (as an amateur film-maker, I couldn’t guess at the number of hours Maciek must have spent editing all that footage). It was at a time when I wasn’t doing any competitive cycling, so it was nice to relive the old memories, which seemed quite ‘alive’.

On another occasion, we went out to Chinnor Hill in the Chilterns to do a short photoshoot.

I must admit, I then forgot about it for a year until Maciek thought about publishing in 2020. But, he waited another year and interviewed Bithja Jones and Andrew Feather, which was a good addition to the film.

I think it is very good. I like all the contributions and it gives a good insight into the world of hill climbing. It’s often hard watching yourself speak, but there you go.

After the 2021 national hill climb on Winnats Pass and now watching the whole final version, I’m super inspired to go out and cycle up some hills! I hope my body is as enthusiastic and willing as the rest of me! But, I guess that is part of the film, inspiring you to enter a hill climb 362 days until the Old Shoe in Llangollen, North Wales

The film is made by Maciek Tomiczek supported by Hunt.

4 thoughts on “Surfing the Line – Hill climb film”

  1. I saved it for the morning of the national championship because I heard from a few friends that it was quite a motivational film to watch. They were right and you were the star of the show. It was some of the best hillclimb prep I’ve ever had and made me rethink my plan for the day after a couple of weeks panicking. Although it was tough warming up in the storm, I remained calm and remembered what you told me about clearing the mind some years ago.
    I’m in the same position as you – super inspired for the future. That feeling doesn’t happen by accident. It’s because deep down you know you have unfinished business in the hillclimb scene. I’ll see you on the Old Shoe…


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