Redhill CC 18.7 mile TT

Today was the Redhill CC ‘Sporting’ 18 mile TT around Dorking, Forest Green and the Surrey Hills.  (Redhill CC, 18 mile TT) This year is the 70th Anniversary of the Redhill CC.


Robin Johnson of Brighton Mitre CC


The start area.

I’ve done it once before in 2012 – 42.24 – 2nd.

This year I finished 4th in 42.54. It’s always good to get the first race out of the way. I have been quite comfortable getting the miles in. I’ve done a few hill efforts, but nothing like a long TT. I started quite conservatively, and probably finished a little stronger than I started. There are some fast downhills, and a few long drags. There is the odd section of 12% climb at the start, but it is not a real hilly TT.

I was quite relaxed about the whole thing. Afterwards, I rushed off to Whitedown Lane to do another 100 Climbs. The new TT bike was fine, though there is no super free speed with it.

1st was Chris Macnamara 42.17 ish

1st lady was Alice Lethbridge

It was quite tight at the top with just 40 seconds behind winner. It’s unlike me but I can’t think of anything else to write at moment. Time for a lie down and nice cup of tea.

Photo: Ade Webb



Finish Order 2014


170Chris McnamaraPedal HeavenS00:42:16
260Rob SharlandPaceline RTS00:42:36
385John DeweyDorking CCS00:42:44
480Tejvan PettingerSri Chinmoy Cycling TeamS00:42:52
525Jamie PinePedal HeavenS00:43:07
650Liam MaybankTwickenham CCV00:43:121st on Vets Std
730Keith LeaPaceline RTV00:43:362nd on Vets Std
840Conall YatesIn-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RTS00:43:45
9100Wouter SybrandyNuun-Sigma Sport-London RTS00:43:47
1090Peter TadrosIn-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RTV00:44:133rd on Vets Std
1110Daniel MccarthyVC MeudonS00:45:18
1265Charl JordaanRedhill CCS00:45:42
135James WrightCharlotteville Cycling ClubV00:45:54
1422Craig McleanNuun-Sigma Sport-London RTV00:46:16
1526Dominic CleggPaceline RTS00:46:251st Road
1649Pat WrightPaceline RTS00:46:342nd Road
1791Phil EmberPaceline RTV00:46:36
1876Christian YatesEast Grinstead CCV00:46:46
1983Dan Colei-team Cyclists ClubV00:46:49
203Simon BerognaVelo Club St RaphaelV00:46:52
2132Ben ElliottPaceline RTS00:46:55*
2245Chris HerbertRedhill CCS00:47:073rd = Road
2255Gareth ThomasPaceline RTS00:47:073rd = Road
2419Jon HughesVelo Club Godalming & HaslemereS00:47:46
2533Sam HumphesonLook Mum No Hands!S00:48:06
2656James GriffinKingston Wheelers CCS00:48:20
2793Cameron FraserNuun-Sigma Sport-London RTS00:48:24
2821Adrian BlackerNorwood Paragon CCV00:48:25
2936Adam BidwellKingston Wheelers CCS00:48:27
3053David EmeryDulwich Paragon CCV00:48:28Road
3182Matt PeelRedhill CCS00:48:33Road
3271Damian PoulterHounslow & District WhsV00:48:46
3395Les LiddiardTeam Jewson – MI RacingV00:48:57
346Edward FrancisPaceline RTV00:49:10Road
3498Paul HoneAddiscombe CCV00:49:10Road
3659Ben HopwoodCharlotteville Cycling ClubS00:49:13Road
3766Graham GiggsBath Road ClubS00:49:26
3839Michael DeenRedmon CCV00:49:33
3935Rob PelhamLewes Wanderers CCS00:49:36Road
4041Andy LackPaceline RTV00:49:43Road
4123Mark Van NiekerkDorking CCV00:49:56
422Brian HennesseyRedhill CCv00:50:12
4362Jonathan PontinAddiscombe CCS00:50:35Road
4486David ChurchillBigfoot CCV00:50:40
4584Gregory HuntRT 316V00:50:41
4615Alice Woman
474Dominic LoweAddiscombe CCV00:51:00
4820Maryka SennemaKingston Wheelers CCWV00:51:012nd W + 1st Rd
4811Suzetta GuerriniLondon DynamoWV00:51:113rd Woman
5017Amy ForshawTrainsharp Racing TeamWS00:51:17
517Chris HallsNuun-Sigma Sport-London RTS00:51:21Road
5251Dave WarneOld Portlians CCV00:51:26
5324Henry HunterRedhill CCV00:51:28Road
5464Cameron StrongeKingston Wheelers CCJun00:51:36Road
5528Michael GatesKingston Wheelers CCS00:51:37Road
5644Daniel PinkBigfoot CCS00:51:45Road
5757Geoff SmithEastbourne Rovers CCV00:51:47Road
588Sean McAuliffeRedhill CCV00:51:53Road
5913Sophie HouseholdVelo Club St RaphaelWS00:52:02
6072Jon FryHorsham CyclingV00:52:06
6199Thomas HampshirePaceline RTS00:52:14Road
6246Ian BashfordOld Portlians CCV00:52:27
6354David EdwardsAddiscombe CCV00:52:55Road
6434Stuart RichardsNewcomers CCS00:53:08Road
6529Roland KitsonRedhill CCV00:53:17
6627Alasdair WylieRedmon CCS00:53:28
6779Tim JohnstonSouthborough & Dist. WhsV00:53:35
6837Jonathan BradbourneRedhill CCS00:53:45Road
6863Maurice JosephPaceline RTS00:53:45
7094Nathan ChamberlainRedhill CCV00:53:55
7173Mike WingraveRedhill CCV00:54:31Road
7212Michelle Arthurs-BrennanRedhill CCWS00:54:45
7367Alan LangHartlepool CCV00:55:02Road
7474Neil WaltersSouthborough & Dist. WhsV00:55:13Road
7578William HentonRedhill CCS00:55:30Road
7643Rob GardnerKingston Wheelers CCS00:55:45Road
7789David EcclesRedmon CCV00:58:24Road
7877Andrew GreenOld Portlians CCV00:58:41Road
7918Morgan PikeNewcomers CCWS00:59:03
8014Valerie Place7 Oaks Triathlon ClubWV01:00:31Road
8148Robin JohnsonBrighton Mitre CCV01:00:55
8231Jon LewisCharlotteville Cycling ClubV01:04:52
52Nick DavyRedhill CCVD.N.F.Puncture
16Katie CroweDulwich Paragon CCWSD.N.S. (a)
38James GrahamVC MeudonSD.N.S. (a)
42Jon SaundersCharlotteville Cycling ClubSD.N.S. (a)
47James HewittKingston Wheelers CCSD.N.S. (a)
58Joseph BertorelliKingston Phoenix RCVD.N.S. (a)
61Christopher BedsonDulwich Paragon CCSD.N.S. (a)
68Dominic TrevettKingston Wheelers CCSD.N.S. (a)
69James RixCrawley WheelersSD.N.S. (a)
75Chris BirchHoops VeloSD.N.S. (a)
96Frederick SchwarzDorking CCVD.N.S. (a)
97Phil BoothMedway Velo ClubVD.N.S. (a)
88Kieran BarberRedhill CCSD.N.S. (a)
81Andy LeatherbarrowKingston Wheelers CCSD.N.S.
87George WelfareEastbourne Rovers CCSD.N.S.
9Ray MatthewsBrighton Mitre CCVD.N.S.
92Christopher ZappalaLook Mum No Hands!SD.N.S.

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