Banbury Star Hardriders 2015

Today was the Banbury Star Hardriders 23 mile time trial from Wroxton to Ettington going down and then back up Sun Rising hill. For the first race of the season two weeks ago, I was relaxed to the point of seeing it as another training ride. But, now I’m getting more accustomed to the idea of racing. I’ve done 2,400 miles since the start of the year. It’s an unprecedented amount of training for me, and I’m interested to see if it makes any difference to speed in short distance time trials.

Although I remember many Banbury Hard-rider events which are a lot colder (snow, ice and sub zero), I was still very cold warming up. I went for 3 pairs of gloves, 3 pairs of socks  Once I got racing, it didn’t feel that cold. There was a strong Westerly wind which made the first leg into the wind quite hard. My pacing strategy was to go as hard as I could into the wind and then try and benefit from tailwind on way back.

Descending Sunrising hill was a bit tricky. It’s a sharp left hander, but the main difficulty was strong head/cross wind. Coming off the climb was hard-work because gaps in the hedge caused strong gusts of winds into the side. I was holding on very tight to the side of the tribars, looking ahead for the gaps in the hedge. It took a long time before it was safe to get back on to the tribars. Going through the village of Ettingham is also a bit tricky because of parked cars and road furniture. There were a few minor hold-ups here, but not as bad as the last race I di. On the way back it was a big relief, to turn away from the difficult headwind. You can start to pick up a good speed without as much effort. I took an opportunity to hold back a little, trying to save something for the big climb of the race.


On Sunrising hill. Photo courtesy Richard Brian.

(Note to self: Wooly socks cost 4 seconds. Tape coming off visor 3 seconds.)

Sunrising hill is a challenging hill (16%) at the best of times, but doing a steep hill in the middle of a race, where you’re already on the limit is another difficulty. Fortunately, I felt quite strong and with a helpful tailwind was able to climb most of the hill seated down. Only towards the end, did I stand up to squeeze the last bit of power out. The new TT bike felt quite good, but it’s not so great for climbing on the hoods up 16% gradients, it felt hard work handling it. After the top of the hill, there is another 3-4 quick miles, where I held a good average speed to finish in a time of 52.26. This was good enough for first place, with Dan Bigham (Beeline Cycles) in 2nd and Danny Axford (Arctic Tacx RT) 3rd. 1st lady was Philippa Schubert (High Wycombe CC. Philippa is the sister of 24 hour TT champion Jonathan Shubert (currently out in Oman) and was rider her brother’s bike. 1st Junior was – Ryan Kenworthy – 58.49.

A great selection of cakes at the HQ


As usual the event was well organised by Luke Souter and Banbury CC, with one of most impressive collections of post-race cakes. I also had a good chat to my minute man Dave Preece, who is in training for an epic Land’s End to John ‘O Groats on a Penny Farthing.

Results Banbury Star 2015

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 Banbury Star results

  • 2015 – 52.26 –  1st – 297 watts
  • 2014 – 53.27 – 2nd – 281 watts
  • 2013 – 53:32 – 1st
  • 2012 – 56:15 – 2nd (very cold)
  • 2010 – 54.31 – 2nd


Results 2015

PositionNameClubTimeCTT +/-
1Tejvan PettingerSri Chinmoy CT  52:26
2Dan BighamBeeline Cycles RT  53:13
3Danny AxfordArctic Tacx RT  53:47
4Stewart WilsonBonito Squadra Corse  55:48  4:43+
5Karl MoseleyStourbridge Velo  55:54  6:25+
6James MiddletonMedia Velo  56:41
7Tim HastieTeam Jewson – MI Racing  56:48
8Justin BelcherBanbury Star CC  56:51  1:30+
9Matthew NellTeam Jewson – MI Racing  56:52
10Ian HemingTeam Echelon – Rotor  57:13  0:42+
11Graeme DavidsonKenilworth Whs  57:29  1:44+
12Jager Benjamin DeOxford University CC  58:13
13Luke SouterBanbury Star CC  58:39
14Ryan Kenworthy  (Jn)  58:49
15Malcolm RoseOxonian CC  59:09  1:14-
16Martin LinesWorcester St. Johns CC  59:22  0:43+
17Cameron FosterTeam Corley Cycles  59:35
18Edward SilvertonBeacon Roads CC  59:49
19Chris SpencerRoyal Leamington Spa CC  59:55
20Peter WrightRugby Racing CC1:00:01  1:51+
21Daniel AlanineOxford University CC1:00:02
22Ben NicholHigh Wycombe CC1:00:20
23Simon KisleyBanbury Star CC1:00:26  1:13-
24Paul DemicoliBanbury Star CC1:00:44  1:08+
25Tom BoltonOxford University CC1:00:51
26Peter OliverFairly United CT1:00:54  0:58+
27Rob WeareLeamington C & AC1:00:56  2:46+
28Andy CraigRugby Racing CC1:01:10  1:57-
29Gavin TillsonOxonian CC1:01:17  3:47-
30Chris EdgingtonFairly United CT1:01:34  0:09-
31Keith BurdenRugby Racing CC1:01:36  4:06-
32Gregory AshleyTeam Jewson – MI Racing1:02:00  1:02-
33Martin PriorOxonian CC1:02:06  3:19-
34Dave WalkerWorcester St. Johns CC1:02:09  0:38+
35Peter BusbyTeam Jewson – MI Racing1:02:10  0:37+
36Tom GiddingsBanbury Star CC1:02:40
37Richard HowesCoventry RC1:02:44  1:27+
38Tim ButtBanbury Star CC1:02:47  1:49-
39Billy Leason    (Jn)Banbury Star CC1:02:50
40Martin StainesWorcester St. Johns CC1:03:13  1:26+
41Peter GrahamNorth Hampshire RC1:03:54  1:35-
42Rob StilgoeRugby Racing CC1:04:15
43Jered AllcockBanbury Star CC1:04:15
44Roger FosterTeam Corley Cycles1:04:18  0:07-
45Jos BusbyBanbury Star CC1:05:22
46Dave PreeceWorcester St. Johns CC1:06:54  8:33-
47Stephen HaynesBanbury Star CC1:07:25  5:33-
48Mark BoylesBanbury Star CC1:07:38
49Joe KangOxford University CC1:07:41
50James HarrisonMedia Velo1:08:08
51Adam SouterBanbury Star CC1:08:09 10:39-
52Philippa Shubert (W)High Wycombe CC1:09:57
53Keith BarcockBanbury Star CC1:10:35 10:04-
54Mike HicksBanbury Star CC1:13:03 13:50-
55Geoff BookerOxonian CC1:13:37  2:14+
56Stephanie Peters (W)Hinckley CRC1:13:39 12:14-
57Lindsay Nell     (W)Team Jewson – MI Racing1:13:44 11:52-
58Jemima Line      (W)Oxonian CC1:13:49
59Brian WillsHinckley CRC1:14:16  5:13-
60Geoff HewettBanbury Star CC1:16:23  8:50-
61Alan MorrisHinckley CRC1:16:45 13:03-
62Stephen RooneyBanbury Star CC1:24:29 20:18-
DNS with apologies14,18,29,34,39,46,47,49,67.




On Saturday I had a bit of good luck. I went into Beeline Bicycles who had Omloop Het Nieuwsblad on the TV. I turned up just in time to see the last 4-5 km. At that point, Ian Stannard (Team Sky) was with 3 Etiix Quick Step Riders. Usually in that situation, you expect the team of 3 to walk away with the win, I was just hoping Stannard would get on the podium. But, somehow Stannard managed to play his cards right and sneak a win. A great result after his difficult year (with broken back) last year. Procycling is back on telly. Perhaps my great winter training will go out of the window now?

3 thoughts on “Banbury Star Hardriders 2015”

  1. Firstly, congratulations on the win! I found the conditions really hard today. It was good to chat at the end, your long distance training seems to be working for you, riding my penny farthing long distances doesn’t seem to have helped my tt speed though!
    I hope to post to twitter my end to end ride each day if you’d like to follow it, (@Davepreece7). The blog will probably only get updated once I’m back home. Good luck with your racing this year. All the best, Dave.

  2. Well done on another great ride. I’m doing the Circuit of Pendle this weekend so your article is a great help as the course sounds similar. Although I doubt my outcome will be as good as yours! This will be my first event using my power meter so your site has been a great help.
    Keep up the great work with the blog.
    Regards Russell.


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