Muscular tiredness


Since end of racing season, my training has been stop start, but mostly stop. I wouldn’t say it is an injury, but a feeling of tiredness in right leg. Aching muscles. It’s perhaps no co-incidence it occurred at the end of a relatively long season.

Because of the warm weather, I’d like to get some good training in, but I’ve had to take it fairly steady and last week did nothing on bike.

I went to physiotherapist who identified some weakness in various muscles so I will work on that and also greater flexibility. There is a degree of imbalance between legs – see: imbalance in legs – which caused previous problems with knee.

It’s not the end of the world to take it easy in November and December.

Ilkley mis

On the positive side, I went out yesterday for 20 miles and cycled up to Langbar, a mist was clearing from the Wharfe Valley, which looked great from the top of the moor.

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  1. Hi Tejvan

    I use a foam roller (e.g. Trigger Point Performance Grid Foam Roller) to ease stiffness in thigh muscles.

    Bizarrely you roll the sides of the legs (where the IT Band is), rather than directly on the thigh muscle.

    It works like EPO for me. A little rolling eases enough tension for dramatic improvement.
    Along with other stretches, legs feel rejuvenated afterwards.

    Worth a try alongside your imbalance exercises.



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