Lezyne L-Caddy Saddle bag – review

I bought a Lezyne saddle bag recently to replace an Altura Saddle bag that had worn away.

Firstly, it’s a relief to be reviewing a proper cycling product. i.e. reasonably priced, of interest to most cycle users and bought for it utility  and not because it weighs less than 50 grams. When buying this, no weighing scales involved – just a mater of whether it does the job or not. lezyne-saddle-bag

Simple design, fairly sturdy. Looks good on the bike.

There is the main compartment and a second layer underneath. In this lower layer, I put one inner tube and a multi-tool. It would be a good place to carry a mobile phone as it would get quite a bit of protection from rain and it would fit the thin compartment quite well.

One thing with a saddle bag is that I’ve often had multi-tools get wet and rust. This is because the saddle bag can pick up spray on long rides. I’ve started putting multi-tools in plastic bags to help protect against this. Early testing suggests that the neoprene covering on the back and bottom helps to keep spray out. I haven’t been on long 4 hour wet rides yet. But, given the qualities of neoprene I’m expecting an improvement.


Inside there are three pockets. The $ pocket takes up a bit of space, but, they are useful for keeping things a bit tidier and easier to find. Also, I once punctured both spare inner tubes with a sharp multi-tool, leaving me stranded, so it is good to keep tyre levers and inner tubes separate.

The neoprene construction helps to give some waterproof protection.


When it comes to saddle bags, I always prefer the bigger ones.  This large version helps to give a fairly comprehensive carrying capacity, without being overly big. You can fit in here.

  • Small mini pump,
  • small wallet
  • mini tool + 2 tyre levers
  • 2* inner tubes
  • Small waterproof

It is a bit of a squeeze with a waterproof in, but you can just about get everything in. Though I’m worried squashing everything in, may make it more prone to breaking zip. I may keep waterproof in back pocket. However, the large version can keep nearly everything you need for long winter training rides where you need to be ready to deal with punctures and / or rain.

It is well made, and easy to take on and off. It looks like it will be fairly robust and long-lasting, the stitching looks more solid than my last saddle bag, which slowly became undone. I haven’t had any problems yet, but I’ve seem some online reviews say that the zip has broken after a period of use. I hope this doesn’t happen.lezyne-saddle-bag-rear

Fits easily to the underneath of the saddle. Doesn’t take long to take on and off. The outer zip goes all the way around so you can undo the whole bag making it easier to get things in and out.

Cost £21 from Beeline bikes

Value for money

I’ve had a cheaper saddle bag from Halfords £15, which has been quite good. But at £21, this is decent value for a saddle bag. It is well made and well designed. You can’t get too excited about saddle bags, but it does everything you want. The additional benefit of extra inner pockets and neoprene lining make it an improvement over previous cotton based bags. Another big advantage for myself is that it fits an aero seat post. It is always really awkward finding a saddle bag to fit an aero seat post;


Frayed Altura


This is the second Altura bag I’ve ended up ditching. I do take the saddle bag on and off quite frequently (for races) But, it’s a bit annoying that when this frays you can’t really use it.


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