H10/8 – N.Hampshire R.C.

The H10/8 time trial course is on the A31 Bentley bypass. It is one of my favourite courses because it is fairly local, quite fast, a few long drags to make it interesting and a fairly straightforward turn. The road surface is mostly good and smooth (not like the H50/8 which goes further West to Chawton).


There is 93 m of climbing over the 10 miles. It finishes a little lower down than the start.

Course record. I don’t know

But, on 23/05/2015 in the Farnham RC event

  • Rob Sharland (Paceline RT) 00:19:13 (CTT)
  • Julia Shaw (Drag2Zero) 00:20:58


Today, there was quite a strong headwind (17mph) from the West. It meant it would be hardest out to the turn at Holybourne roundabout. It is also hard for the first couple of miles because you climb a long drag.

I used to really dislike wind when timetrialling – it makes it harder and you go slower, but having a power meter makes wind more enjoyable. You might be going slower, but you can be comforted by the fact at least your power meter says you’re making a big effort.

With a strong headwind and uphill start, I went quite hard from the start, aiming to do the biggest effort into the wind.

I did the first 4.7 miles into headwind in 10.28 (27.5mph) 342 watts. Coming around the roundabout you pick up a strong tailwind, which is good for the long drag past the Hen and Chicken pub. When you get to the top of this long drag, you know it is mostly flat and downhill all the way to the finish. Still, the finish never comes as early as you would like.

I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t blow up on the way back, I could still maintain high effort. A little less power, but the average speed was just under 34 mph. I had a 56*11 – though the 11 sprocket was very slow to activate. It was a great feeling coming back at that speed.


I have done this course for several years, and done innumerable 20s. Finally today I went over 30mph and got a time of 19.49. It was also a ‘power pb’ – 338 watts and I felt like I had paced it quite well. If anything I could have gone harder on the first leg.

I came second behind James Boyman (Farnham RC) who did a very good time of 19.37 (I think)

Personal stats for 10 Mile TT – North Hampshire RC 06/06/2015

  • Time: 19.49 2nd (Course PB – 4th fastest 10)
  • Winner James Boyman 19.37
  • Power: 338 Watts (Quark which under-estimates)
  • Time to turn – 10.28, 27.5mph (342 watts)
  • Time from turn – 9.12 33.8mph (333 watts)
  • Temperature: 17 degrees
  • Air Pressure: High 1028
  • Wheels: Zipp disc (Continental Competition). Zipp 404 front Chrono)

Air Pressure and World Hour Record

Tomorrow is one of the most eagerly awaited track events of the past few years. Sir Bradley Wiggins will be riding the World Hour Record. It has generated so much interest, which is great for cycling. One thing I’ve learnt from hearing about the record is the importance of air pressure. I’ve heard it said that variations in air pressure could affect the record by 1-2 km/h. So with high air pressure forecast for tomorrow, I will stick my neck out and say Bradley will ride 54.732 km.

Air pressure was always one of those things I saw on weather forecasts, but ignored because I didn’t really understand (see the point). But, now I will always look as High Pressure makes you go slower!


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