dhb Extreme Weather overshoe

The dhb Extreme Weather overshoe is a tough, rainproof overshoe designed for cold and wet winter rides.


I received a free review copy in the post at the start of the month. Training has been somewhat interrupted by minor injury niggles this month, but I’ve still been out several times. Often wet, and only a couple of times cold.

The shoe is pretty impressive in being waterproof. Constant spray doesn’t seem to get through at all, which is a big bonus.

If it’s raining hard enough, water will eventually sneak into your sock from falling down your legs. But, for keeping feet dry on damp roads, these have been as good as it gets.

The overshoes are quite thick and have been keeping feet toasty warm. I get very cold feet, though it has been unseasonably mild. The good news is I’ve hardly had to use my hotpads, I used for extra warmth.

Build is good. Zip works well.

Long lasting?

I find overshoes don’t last too long, no matter how they are built. Especially with my Speedplay pedals full float. This summer I had a clear out of overshoes with holes in and realised I didn’t have any left, so I asked for a review pair, and it’s done a good job. Hopefully, I will get a couple of years out of these, they seem pretty robust.

Would I buy?

Yes. In winter a good pair of overshoes is a must. These are as good as it gets for keeping feet dry and warm.


I got extra large which is for shoes 47+. I”m 46.5, so could have tried to squeeze into a large, but I’d rather have a bit more space than squashed.

Technical material

  • 81% Polyamide(Nylon)
  • 18% Polyurethane


It’s hard to get too excited about neoprene overshoes, at the end of the day one neoprene overshoe is similar to other brands. But, these are good quality, do job, so quite happy.


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