DHB Aeron Roubaix Long Sleeve Jersey – Review

Review by Garga Chamberlain
With this jersey priced at £60 I was expecting something functional but basic – in fact it’s a really versatile and well-designed piece of kit that I am already wearing day in and day out.


The thermal, moisture-wicking fabric is tightly woven with a brushed texture on the inside for warmth on the front, sides and front-of-sleeves but the underarm panels and middle of the back are a lighter and more porous mesh that lets your body breathe without allowing the chill to penetrate where it shouldn’t. I’ve found this top just right in cool to cold conditions, but the stretchy fit allows you to slip a thermal or windproof baselayer underneath for days when the temperature is right down around freezing point.
The stretchy fabric and sleek cut are what makes this jersey so comfortable to ride in – close fitting and flexible with long sleeves that leave no chance of a gap between cuff and glove, the Aeron also has an excellent gripper around the tail of the jersey to prevent it riding up when you lean down on to your drop bars or tri bars – it’s equally good whether you’re in that aero position or sitting up to recover after a
hard effort.

I’m already using this top for pretty much all my commuting and long training rides, where the three large pockets and waterproof/sweatproof zip pocket come in handy for carrying all that essential (and non-essential) cargo. That zip pocket doesn’t have a waterproof zip though, so while it’s kept my cash dry enough so far I would wrap my phone in a bag before trusting it to the onslaught of heavy rain or intense perspiration. On the subject of sweat, the fabric does a moderate to good job of wicking it away to leave the body dry.
As winter commuting and solo-training on dull days are part of my routine, I’ve opted for the navy/fluoro colour option so everyone can see me coming. There’s a generous band of reflective taping across the rear pockets too and a little around the zip at the neck, so car headlights will pick that out at a distance.
Verdict – Warm, versatile and well-designed, good value, something you’ll always be happy to ride in through the cooler months.
DHB Aeron Roubaix – list price £60

Review by Garga Chamberlain


Bristol, Sri Chinmoy Cycling Team.

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