Bourton on the Water

Time flies by and a rough plan to cover 1,000 a miles per month over winter have fallen by the wayside, but it was good to get back in the saddle yesterday and be able to spend four and half hours on the bike. In the end, it was 75 miles and I enjoyed the ride. The last time I rode 75 miles must have been back in September 2015.  There was a bit of wind, a foretaste of the forecast storm set to hit the UK today and tomorrow. The weather forecast for the next few days looks very much like a few days of getting the rollers out.

bourton-on-waterBourton on the Water.

Astute readers may notice the autumn tinge to the trees. It is an old photo, because it was a bit grey and dull yesterday, and mid-winter, you always feel a little time pressure before it starts to get dark. Still Bourton on the Water has often been voted the prettiest village in England, and with good reason – even in winter, you can see why. The village idyll is slightly spoiled by large packs of tourists taking photos e.t.c. but it makes quite a good destination for an Oxford cyclist. After a winding 35 miles to get there, I did a u-turn in Bourton – over the river and back. There is a pretty good climb on the way out of Bourton on the Water – towards Little Rissington. It is one of those climbs, where you can go pretty quick because it’s not too steep, there are a few corners to accelerate out of in the village. But, in the middle of winter, you settle for getting up in any shape at all. Traffic lights half way up, gave an excuse for a breather.

I was tired after the ride, but it was that kind of satisfying tiredness where you feel you’ve had a good day on the bike. The only downside to this feeling of achievement is that you are pretty useless for doing anything productive all evening, apart from eat and replace lost calories. Although rather bizarrely, I often get inspired to clean the house after a long bike ride. There is no logic to this when all you should be doing is putting up your fee and being waited on hand and foot.

After a stop start winter, the old cycling bug is starting to bite, and thoughts turn to more serious training. But, continuing the theme of a stop, start winter, Storm Jonas is putting these plans on hold at least for a few days.


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