Cyclist magazine – up, up, up

Before the national hill climb championship, the Cyclist magazine commissioned me to write an article on the national hill climb championship. The article is published in this months edition (Jan 2015), which came out recently. – There are some good photos of the hill climb championship too.

If you’re looking for some more in-depth articles on cycling, it’s worth checking out the Cyclist Mag. It’s mainly pro-cycling, but hopefully, the essentially amateur hill climb championship makes an interesting counterpoint to the other road racing.

Talking of hill climbs check out this video by Thom Heald featuring Bristol South CC rising hill climb star Robert Borek. Robert is one of the many new converts to the discipline of hill climbs, and in this video he talks about his enthusiasm for the strange attraction of riding fixed gear bikes up steep hills.

Up Up Up from Thom Heald on Vimeo.

Hill climbing is a niche within a niche. It was one of the original tests of a cyclists skill, the proving ground before time-trials and road races. Now somewhat forgotten, a hardcore band of thin-limbed riders spend their Autumn sacrificing beer and cake for a shot at amateur bike racing glory.


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