Custom cycle clothing alterations (cheap)

Recently, I sent a packet of cycle clothing to be altered by Alex Laycock. I had


  • 3 Impsport skinsuits (with baggy arms)- You spend £180 on an Impsport custom body suit and it comes back with baggy arms like this.
  • 1 winter jacket (missing zip) back pockets getting worn
  • 1 pair of shorts (expensive Assos variety, ripped in Portugal)

The repairs and alternations were done for £40, plus £11 postage. I think that includes the cost of a new zip which was £10.

Alex has done quite a few time trials herself, and is used to mending lycra. Alex Laycock at

Make do and mend

A comment by a reader, reminded me to post about this:

I had this problem with my Night Vision jacket and I wrote to Altura – not to complain (as the jacket was just over 12 months old) but to ask if they could repair it or recommend someone who could. Their reply was unhelpful,to say the least, effectively , “well, you need to buy another as we don’t repair them and we don’t know anyone who can”. Great jacket – rubbish after sales service. Can’t recommend them!

I don’t know if waterproof jackets can be mended, but it’s worth finding out. I might even get a new zip for my Altura jacket.

There’s a lot to be said for make do and mend. Especially when tights / legwarmers get ripped falling off.


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  1. Hi I am looking for a zipper replacement for my sons cycle jersey. It is pretty new but he bought it in France and the zip is fraying at the bottom. Can I get a price please


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