Thanks for kind comments on the recent post about retirement. In particular, thanks for those comments from those who have experienced a similar issue and made a recovery. It is very encouraging to hear. Perhaps my initial understanding was overly pessimistic. It seems self-diagnosis on the internet is not an entirely reliable method of medical diagnosis – who would have thought?

Anyway, I will definitely explore all options and hope that sometime I will be writing on something other than this hip.

One golden law of the internet is “Never read the comments” As a general rule, in the internet comment sections lurk the darker side of human nature. But, there is always an exception to any rule, and comments on cyclinguphill have often been very thoughtful and useful.  It’s also good to know people have picked up a few things from the blog over the years. It is a nice coincidence, that since I started blogging about hill climbs there has been an increase in interest and participation (I remember days when you would often get start lists of 9-10 people) with big fields across the country.

When you ponder retirement, you become aware of how much value there is in participating in cycle sport – not so much from the goal of winning and picking up the odd cheque for £20 with a free cup of tea – but to meet fellow cyclists who share a similar love of the sport.

The Cotswolds

As a general rule, I don’t think about the past. But, injury can make you a little more reflective. Sometimes images come of cycling through the Cotswolds, driving up to the Peak District or racing up quiet hills in Yorkshire. It is evocative of good times spent on the bike.


Well, enough of self-reflection, I have a tickly cough, so I have to go and do some research on the world wide web and find out what major disease I have. (only kidding mother!)


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  1. Tjevan, really sorry to read your post about diagnosis. But you are a not defined by cycling, so with time I’m sure you will find something else which gives you a similar feeling. Please keep up the blog and let us know how it goes.

  2. Best of luck with you , these posts do inspire me to do more longer rides, and go on adventures, im sure you will find something that you enjoy doing like music or something .

  3. Like many readers, I’ve also really enjoyed your posts & also been really encouraged by your words. I’m from Oxford originally, but am now Bristol based, some I’ve really enjoyed the posts about Oxford & around.

  4. Best of luck and here’s hoping you can still find enjoyment on the bike.

    Incidentally, what climb is that at the bottom? Somewhere in the Lake district?


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